Reese Witherspoon Makes Fun of Her 'Soccer Mom' Hairstyle from 20 Years Ago on 'The View'

"I also want to tell her, 'You need to grow out that haircut because it's sort of a soccer mom situation,' " Witherspoon told The View hosts when reflecting on the flashback clip

Reese Witherspoon
Photo: The View/Twitter

Reese Witherspoon got more than she bargained for Wednesday during an appearance on The View.

In honor of the hit daytime talk show's 25th anniversary, the hosts shared a flashback clip of Witherspoon's first-ever View appearance. In the segment, the actress, now 45, sported a short, bob haircut which has since been labeled the "soccer mom."

After watching the clip, Witherspoon said she had two pieces of advice for her former self.

"I just want to hug my baby self and tell her, 'You're going to be okay!' " the Morning Show star said via video call.

"I also want to tell her, 'You need to grow out that haircut because it's sort of a soccer mom situation, which you're way too young for,' " she quipped.

Reese Witherspoon
The View/Twitter

While Witherspoon doesn't plan to bring back the soccer mom cut anytime soon, she has recently contemplated getting bangs.

In July, Witherspoon shared a smiling selfie of herself and her lookalike daughter, Ava Phillippe who currently has bangs. The Little Big Lies Star then asked her Instagram followers if she should follow Ava's lead.

"My girl ❤️ *also: should I get bangs?" Witherspoon captioned her post, which received an outpouring of positive responses in the comment section.

Zooey Deschanel exclaimed "Yes! Get bangs! Also you look like sisters. ❤️," while fellow actress Courteney Cox said, "I mean…why not?? 🔥".

"First thing I thought on seeing this - cute bangs," added Elizabeth Banks.

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