Red Sweater-Wearing Debate Star Kenneth Bone Says Donald Trump Aligns with His 'Economic Interests'

Ken Bone appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live via the Wall of America to talk about his now-famous red sweater

He was declared the universal winner of Sunday’s second presidential debate, but undecided voter Ken Bone owes it all to his wife, Heather Bone.

The 34-year-old Internet sensation appeared on Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he told the late-night host that his wife had picked out his now-famous cable knit half-zip sweater.

“I would love to say that I saw born this way,” Ken joked. “My wife dresses me, like all great Americans.”

As he had previously revealed, Ken shared that his red garb was, in fact, an “emergency wardrobe” choice because his olive-colored suit had ripped hours prior to the town hall debate. As a way of thanking him for appearing on his show, Kimmel gave Ken a new suit courtesy of Casual Male XL, as well as a new digital camera.


His wife and son Logan are split on his internet fame right now. “Heather is maybe a little tired of dealing with me in general after 12 years and the ridiculousness of the internet today,” Ken explained. “And Logan says dad is the best kind of famous — internet famous.”

As for who he’s voting for in the big election, Ken says he’s still not sure.

“I’m more undecided than I was before,” he revealed. “I had to put my head down while mom and dad were arguing over Thanksgiving dinner last year. This is an unusual political cycle, it’s been so negative. I try to really base my decision on positive things, and neither have given me many.”

A former Domino’s Pizza manager from Missouri, Ken became a meme-worthy sensation after he asked a question about energy to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during the St. Louis-hosted POTUS town hall.

It’s issues like that that have Ken swaying towards Trump.

WATCH: Red Sweater-Wearing Debate Star Kenneth Bone Says Trump Aligns with His ‘Economic Interest

“Donald Trump may be more aligned with my economic interests,” Ken said, attributing his job as a coal plant operator in Illinois as the reason.

“But I would really hate for anyone’s rights to be taken back. We fought so hard to get marriage equality and rights expanded to more Americans,” he told Jimmy Kimmel, adding, “It’d be unconscionable for those to be taken away by a supreme court judge that Trump elects.”

But if Bone were to get his dream product endorsement, it would be for mustache wax. “I was hoping do they still make mustache wax, I would like my own line,” he revealed.

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