Your springy florals have turned to the dark side and neck bows are totally a thing now. Click to see which celebs got it right!

Sipa; AP; Getty

In our weekly roundup of the looks that are gaining fashion ground (and the ones losing their style street cred), we saw some super-romantic prints, unusual new neckwear and statement jewelry that wasn’t making as much of an impact this week.

Up: Dark Florals. As Miranda Priestly says (sarcastically, of course), “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” But we bet even she would be surprised by this twist on the classic look. White is no longer the canvas of choice, replaced instead by a contrasting darker hue, as Maggie Gyllenhaal (left) demonstrates in her Dries Van Noten midi. Kristin Davis, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and America Ferrera also eschew the sweetness-and-light floral prints for something a little darker. Now that the pattern has gone from sweet to edgy, we can be sure that some of Hollywood’s tougher girls will be wearing this trend soon enough.

Up: Neck Bows. When it comes to menswear, you don’t want the outfit to look like it was pulled right out of your boyfriend’s closet. That’s why you add feminine elements: a cropped pant, heels or an overall slimmer fit. But this week the leading ladies have found a new way to bring a woman’s touch to a masculine ensemble. Nicole Kidman (center) wears a small delicate bow on her blouse but Emma Stone and Ashley Benson opt for versions that make more of a statement. With these three big trendsetters now rocking the look, you know we will see other celebs following (wait for it) suit.

Down: Hand Cuffs. Though it seems like this trend was just taking off yesterday, now the only cuffs we can find on the red carpet are on the ears of our favorite celebs. Lizzy Caplan (right) holds on to the trend with a thin silver bar, but it feels a bit out of place among the other ladies who have stacked their fingers full of rings.

–John Soper