November 15, 2012 10:30 PM

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Whether you’re heading to your high school reunion next week or just going out with your hometown crew, here are two hot trends that’ll up your cool-girl style game. But something we don’t encourage wearing anywhere? Granny panties under a sheer skirt. If you think we’re joking, keep reading …

Down: Flashing your granny panties: We thought this trend was over two months ago, but two stars won’t let it die. Kristen Stewart and Krysten Ritter practically mooned us on the red carpet in sheer dresses that showed off some seriously unattractive undergarments. Ladies, the lining in your designer gowns is there for a reason.

Up: Peplum party outfits: Along with sparkle and shine, expect to spot a lot of festive peplum-accented looks during the holidays. Kicking off the trend was Emma Stone, who looked incredible in a navy peplum top paired with a glittery emerald-green skirt (both by Burberry), and Dakota Fanning, who chose a salmon-pink floral above-the-knee design.

Up: The cutout spectrumSkin-baring dresses are still big, only now the styles range from peek-a-boo to look-at-me. Both Alessandra Ambrósio and Allison Williams wore subtle versions this week, while Diane Kruger and Christina Ricci went for way more revealing designs that caused our jaws to hit the floor. Kruger showed off about, oh, 80 percent of her upper body in cutout white gown, while Ricci flaunted her belly in a jewel toned Richard Chai Love mini.

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–Jennifer Cress


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