See what looks are sizzling -- and fizzling -- on the red carpet!

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In our weekly roundup of the looks that are gaining fashion ground (and the ones losing their style street cred), we saw ladies daring to bare, a few metallic moments and a hairstyle that’s better left at the gym than worn on a red carpet.

Up: Bra-Baring Tops. It seems we have done a total 180° from last week’s only-kinda crop tops. This week’s trend is all about showing skin, with leading ladies baring their (sorry, but we really can’t resist this) over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders. Keri Russell (left) proved that you don’t need a glamorous dress to make a statement with her textured sheer tank revealing black undergarments at her Dawn of the Planet of the Apes premiere. Nina Dobrev also showed off her bra with a see-through top paired with a dusty-rose maxi skirt (both Elie Saab) while attending the designer’s Fall 2014 Couture show. The underwear-baring trend has been around for some time now and we don’t expect to see it fading (as long as Kim Kardashian is on the scene, anyway).

Up: Metallic Silver. Looking for a little extra oomph in the wardrobe department? This latest trend might be just what you need. Chloë Moretz (center) stood out amongst the crowd donning a head-to-toe chrome ensemble at Paris Fashion Week. Also attending the same show, Pink rivaled Chloë’s outfit with a dress featuring a highly-embellished silvery top. But nothing divided the StyleWatch office more than the gleam coming off of J.Lo’s Atelier Versace pants/dress creation (and PEOPLE readers are split as well)!

Down: Off-Center Topknots. No, Kate Hudson (right) didn’t give her hairstylist the day off — that’s the real Leaning Tower of Topknot on the red carpet. Though a high topknot is a favorite among many stars, this messy, off-center version looks ready to topple — and the loose tendrils accentuate the “fresh from Pilates” vibe. An undone updo is one thing, but we don’t expect this “my dress cost $10K and my hair took fifteen seconds” look to catch on in Hollywood.

Which of these trends will you try? Which will you skip? Tell us in the comments!

–John Soper