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Rebel Wilson’s much-anticipated plus-sized collection for Torrid is finally available (check out some of our fave pieces here)!

And the Pitch Perfect star tells PeopleStyle she decided to start her line in part because of her fans. “I just was always the kind of person who cared what was on the inside. I’m a person who uses my brain; it’s not really about my personal aesthetic,” she told us last month. “But then I realized that if girls can see me standing next to really skinny actresses holding my own and being really confident in how I look, then that’s a good message to send.” Get ready to shop — and to be inspired by the some of Wilson’s personal style rules, below.

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Hire the pros… For a little over a year, Wilson has been working with stylist Elizabeth Stewart. Says Wilson, “She’s so good. She does Cate Blanchett, Julia Roberts and Jessica Chastain. All the ‘glamours.’ And I wouldn’t consider myself in that category. I thought when you meet with someone like that they’re just going to look at you and be like, ‘Oh, we can’t really do much with her.’ But Elizabeth is the nicest, most creative person. It’s been really cool to have such a high-end stylist to class up my image.”

…And trust them implicitly! Stewart has helped Wilson step outside the box when it comes to her personal style. “We always have this conversation about how I don’t like wearing sleeveless dresses. In Australia we call it ‘lunch lady arms’ — bigger arms,” Wilson says. “But she’s like, ‘Rebel, no, it looks great without sleeves.’ I take her advice because she’s the world-renowned stylist.”

Focus on the fit: “Before [working with Stewart], if it zipped up I was like ‘Yep, yeah I’ll wear that, that’s all right.’ But now I pay much more attention … to the slight differences on the way a sleeve hangs or a neckline,” she says. “I love showing as much décolletage as possible.”


Don’t be afraid to under-accessorize: You won’t see Wilson rock a pair of statement earrings. “I actually don’t wear a lot of jewelry in real life; I don’t even have my ears pierced,” she reveals. “So you’ll notice on red carpets I’ll usually wear zero jewelry, but occasionally I’ll have fun with a ring or a necklace … I once wore a boomerang as a necklace, it was pretty funny.”

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Tune out the haters, even the ones closest to you: Wilson says she tends not to read social media comments about her looks, but she can’t ignore one of her biggest fans. “One person who I get feedback from that I hate is my mother,” Wilson says. “Occasionally she’ll be like ‘Oh, that dress is nice.’ But then she’ll be like, ‘No, that was way too short, you could just see your knees. It didn’t look that good.’ She’ll always give comments on the dresses. If I wore something like Miley Cyrus has been wearing lately, my mom would be like ‘What are you doing?!’ I’d get a phone call straight away.”

Embrace throwback style: When it comes to her mainstay hairstyle (bangs, baby!), she’s got a funny inspiration: “I’ve been doing them to the side lately. I used to do them straight down in a nod to the Olsen twins in Full House, and now I do to the side — it’s slightly more glamorous.”

Take risks, within reason: After realizing her young fans pay attention to what she wears, she started to appreciate dressing well. “It takes a little while, but then you realize what looks nice and what kind of little risks you can take without being too crazy but still showing a bit of your personality,” she explains. But her biggest red carpet style departure this year? “I did wear a cape at the MTV Movie Awards, and that was a little bit risky,” she says. “But it turned out really good; the look of it was great and I’d just gotten off a plane coming back from Australia. You always get really bloated when you’re on planes, but there’s a whole streamlined effect of a cape where it’s really, really good. I thought that was really cool, and that was a bit risky for me.”


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Shop your favorite pieces here, then Tell us: Are you inspired by Rebel’s style mantras? Will you shop her line?

–Catherine Kast

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