November 15, 2011 03:30 PM

Courtesy Jerry O’Connell

She’s a California girl, but with husband Jerry O’Connell starring in Broadway’s Seminar right now, Rebecca Romijn is swapping her sundresses for snow boots while living in New York. “Rebecca’s got her coats out,” O’Connell told PEOPLE last week. “She’s got her boots out. You can’t be wearing flip-flops in this city.”

But the actor says his wife is just fine with the change. “She likes her New York fashion. It’s a lot different than California.” In fact, he’s hoping the east coast look rubs off on twin daughters Dolly and Charlie, almost 3, too. “I grew up in New York City and I want my girls to have that New York edge,” he said. “I want them to be cool city girls.”

To celebrate that love of the city — and of each other — Romijn and O’Connell renewed their vows on Friday 11/11/11 at 11:11:11 a.m., at the corner of 11th Street and 11th Avenue in Manhattan. They even wore some corduroy — the official fabric of 11/11 — to play into the theme. “It was a little chilly,” O’Connell admitted. “We hung out for five minutes.”

To mark the occasion, O’Connell presented his bride with a Lulu Guinness red Swarovski lips clutch ($1,025), which she held in photos from the ceremony. “I wanted to get her a trinket — jewelry or something — because this is only going to happen once,” O’Connell recalled. “But she had her eyes on that bag. So we renewed our vows, I gave her that little handbag and that’s it.”

–Blaine Zuckerman


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