Rebecca Romijn Named Her Jewelry Line After Her Twin Daughters: 'They're Sparkly Little Diamonds'

The actress' new fine jewelry line, Charlie Dolly, includes a collection of floating diamond designs

Actress Rebecca Romijn is adding jewelry designer to her résumé — and so are her twin daughters Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip!

Last week, Romijn, 47, launched her “passion project,” a fine jewelry brand called Charlie Dolly (named after her 11-year-old twins, whom she shares with her husband, actor Jerry O’Connell) and the design process has been a family affair.

Rebecca Romijn jewelry line Charlie Dolly
Courtesy Charlie Dolly

“My daughters are old enough that they were not just giving me the space and time to following my passion, but they were encouraging, and actually sketching their own designs,” the actress tells PEOPLE at the Charlie Dolly launch event in New York City. “The sketchbook for my designs came in a pack of three, and the girls said, ‘Mom, we want one.’ So I handed them each a sketchbook, and the three of us spent a couple weekends just laying around sketching jewelry designs.”

Charlie Dolly

Romijn adds that both daughters have a “very solid aesthetic” so those sketches may just make it to market one day. “I have over 100 designs myself, but they also have great designs. They have a couple of really nice rings that I want to create next.”

Adding, “They have been helpful and supportive. They’re a couple of sparkly little diamonds themselves.”

Charlie Dolly features a range of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings in floating diamond designs, which was created through an innovative new technology that laser cuts the diamond so the chain hangs directly from the stone, not a setting.

“The idea sparked in my mind in my mid-20s when I fell in love with fine jewelry for the first time,” the actress explains. “I would get frustrated with a lot of jewelry settings, and I had this fantasy of loose diamonds without settings, and thought, ‘Why can’t they put a hole in a diamond?’ I just want to cut to the chase. I just want the diamond.”

Rebecca Romijn jewelry line Charlie Dolly; Courtesy Charlie Dolly
Courtesy Charlie Dolly

Romijn, who describes Charlie Dolly as “modern tennis jewelry,” took the plunge to create the brand after seeing the technology in Los Angeles, where the jewelry is made, and her “floating diamond” came to life.

“Besides the timing being right, I was excited to have something that feels slightly new to market to offer,” she adds. “There’s a very casual bohemian, slightly sexy rock ‘n’ roll vibe, but still very elegant aspect about it.”

With that said, her favorite piece in the collection is the elegant, yet edgy single diamond threader earrings with the attached ear cuff. “I want the whole party to continue,” Romijn says of her ear collection. “I just want to keep draping them all the way down.”

The collection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings range between $550-$9,000 and are available now at

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