Designer Rebecca Minkoff Suggests We All Buy an 'Inside Jacket' for Fall: What Is It?

Allow us to explain


Allow us to introduce you to the fall season's new staple — the inside jacket. It's something you probably own, or if you don't, you'll want to soon enough, as designer Rebecca Minkoff told us it's a necessity when we visited her at her Greene Street store recently.

We popped by the outpost on the day she was celebrating her new limited-edition collaboration with Chandon, as she designed the bubbly company's seasonal $24 holiday bottle, which features a label covered in studs designed to look like floating fizz, shown below.

Courtesy Chandon.

And with temperatures dipping further and further in New York City, the thought of layering was on our mind. (Plus, we're always cold, even in the summer, but that's neither here nor there.) So we took the opportunity to try on a few of her newest layer designs.

Minkoff pointed us right to her Pacha jacket, a $398 feather-covered piece with sleeves that hit right below the elbow and a length that hits right above the waist (seen at the top of the page, and shown below on the runway and on us.)



Us, with Rebecca in the foreground:

Courtesy Chandon.

"This is my thing," she says of the look. Really? Why? "It's an inside jacket," she says.

We prodded for a definition.

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"It's not something you're going to wear in the snow," she explains. "It's the under jacket-jacket, and when you take off your outside jacket, you have a great, fun look. I wore this over a long flowy dress. It's a statement piece."

Which leads us to ask, do you own a lot of statement inside jackets? Let us know in the comments below!

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