We caught up with the reality starĀ  before the season 2 premiere to get the scoop on the new season
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Everything’s bigger in Texas… including the drama on season 2 of the Real Housewives of Dallas.

In the new trailer, the fights get more intense with glass smashing from LeeAnne Locken, plus BFFs Stephanie Hollman and Brandi Redmond get into a massive friendship-ending feud and there are so many more jaw-dropping moments that we couldn’t wait until Monday’s premiere to see more. We chatted with Hollman to find out as much intel as we could about her friendship woes and the whole new style aesthetic she’s embracing this season.

“Last year I felt like I wore Lululemon way too much,” Hollman admits to PeopleStyle. “I was like, in my athleisure wear like nobody’s business.”

This season she made a concerted effort to step it up in the fashion department. “I’m trying to put jeans on a little bit and not be so lazy,” she says. “I have so much more fun with fashion this year than I did last year. I feel like last year I was just trying to juggle my children and their schedule and soccer and I literally threw on anything in my closet and ran out the door.”

Her main takeaway from last season is that she learned to always look her best for group filming days. “If you want to show off a dress, wear it when there is the whole cast around because it’s pretty much going to be shown,” she shares. “It’s same with hair and makeup, I would do professional hair and makeup if it was all the girls together. I feel like if you look your best and you feel your best then it makes even the most dramatic situation a little bit better because you’re like, ‘Well, at least I look pretty when I cry!'”

She says she worked with beauty pros for hair and makeup, but she picked out all her outfits herself. “I don’t use a stylist during the season,” she says. “I have a really awesome assistant who has really great taste, too, so sometimes I’m like, ‘Trey, I need something,’ and he’ll go online and look, but a lot of my shopping is honestly done online. I’ll buy like six things, try it on, find the one thing that I like, and then send everything else back.”

But with so many new pieces coming through her closet, she has a rotation process that ensures her husband Travis Hollman doesn’t realize how many new pieces are actually added. “I’ll hide [new pieces] until I feel like I’ve had them for a little bit,” Stephanie says. “I have a system where I have to slowly incorporate new items. I can’t do three at once; I have to add like a shoe a week.”

But Travis is very generous when it comes to gift gifting (remember the $75,000 bracelet he bought Stephanie for their anniversary?). Most recently she says he got her a pair of Chanel shoes for her birthday. But no matter how often she’s showered in gifts, Stephanie says one of her most prized pieces in her wardrobe is the $20 Forever 21 dress she was wearing the day she got engaged. “I still have the dress that I got engaged in and it’s a $20 dress from Forever 21. But it’s something I’ll never get rid of even though it’s not that cute because it [represents] the memory. And I kind of love looking back that I got engaged wearing a $20 dress because it reminds me of who I am and where I’m from.”

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Overall she says she feels much more at ease returning for season 2. “It’s so much calmer for me than last year. Now it’s just so fun because the fans are excited and there’s just a lot of excitement and anticipation. I’m honestly just really excited for the audience to get a more in-depth look at all of us and who we are and see the good, the bad, but also, the personal things that I feel like most of us, probably all of us, have shared this season.”

Some of her most personal moments includes her fight with Redmond. “I was so nervous about putting [the fight] out there because it’s so personal, but then I [realized] I signed up to put things out there like that. But you see us work through things, which was hard to do, and I think in the end, hopefully, it’ll help other people. That’s my hope. Everything happens for a reason in life, so I’m like, okay, make lemonade out of this lemon, but it was hard.”

Right now she’s just trying to see the best in the situation. “I feel like last year, it was such a codependent relationship with her and I, and whenever we weren’t talking, it was just so hard. And then I realized that I probably need to work on myself if I’m that codependent to where something like that affects me that bad.”

To find out how their feud started in the first place, catch the Real Housewives of Dallas premiere tonight at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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