October 25, 2016 09:00 AM
Billy Farrell/BFA

Rashida Jones is flexing so many creative muscles this year!

In addition to starring in and producing the police satire Angie Tribeca, she’s also launching her very own jewelry line, which drops this week. The 12-piece debut, created in collaboration with fine jewelry e-commerce site, features rings, earrings, bracelets and more that incorporate conflict-free black diamonds as well as two of Jones’s favorite symbols, the ankh and the hamsa.

“Symbolically what they represent, I’ve always loved,” Jones tells PeopleStyle over the phone, nothing that the ankh signifies energy, life and balance, while the hamsa represents power and luck. 

“In general, the endurance of these two ancient symbols have transcended religion, decades and centuries,” she says. “They’re meaningful and unifying and beautiful, so the combination of all that was appealing to me.” 

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This isn’t Jones’s first foray into jewelry — she collaborated with Dannijo in 2013 — but it’s the first one she’s doing all on her own. “This is the first thing that was really considered my line,” says Jones. “I mean, Iconery is my collaborator in the sense that they’re releasing my line. In terms of design, I wanted to guide the process a little bit more, which is what they completely let me do, which was nice.” 

And the creative process of designing jewelry isn’t that unlike producing a television or film project, she says. “It’s kind of great and better [than producing] in a way because I got to deal with Iconery and they know so much about how to make jewelry,” says Jones. “So I could just say what I like, show what I like, and be specific about what I like and they could execute it or tell me what idea I had that would never be able to actually be executed. It was like producing, but without having to do detail work, where you’re raising money and finding locations. It was more like, I have this movie and I want to make it, and someone’s like, ‘OK I’m going to make it!’” 

Prices start at $95 for a pair of stud earrings, and range up to $890 for a black diamond-covered ankh pendant necklace, which despite what it may sound like, actually means the line lands on the low end of the price spectrum for current fine jewelry. “I think with this line, because the symbolism is about unification, it would only make sense if everybody could participate and have something, and I think you have a better chance of that happening if things are well priced,” Jones explained. 

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“I’m always so grateful to jewelry and clothing designers when they can find a way to make things where you’re considering people’s budgets,” she says. “And if you can do it cheaper, I think it’s so lovely to do that.” 

But don’t call her a jewelry designer just yet. “I’m an enthusiast, and a part-time designer,” she says with a laugh. “I guess you could say that.” 

Scroll down to see more of her line.

Large square hoop earrings, from $350, and square ring, from $225.

Ankh pendant necklace, from $875.

Ankh stud earrings, from $95.

Hamsa pendant necklace, from $245.

Courtesy Iconery

Ankh ring, from $150.

See and shop the full collection at

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