September 07, 2017 09:01 AM
Courtesy Almay

Rashida Jones has already proven her style prowess, having launched jewelry and luggage lines in the past year. And now the Angie Tribeca star is entering the beauty realm, and partnering with Almay

In her newly-appointed role as Almay Insider, the producer, screenwriter and bonafide funny woman will be so much more than the pretty face of a brand — she’s rolling up her sleeves and using her talents to help propel Almay’s “Reveal the True You” movement forward.

“When it comes to beauty, I’m just not into homogeny,” says Jones, who co-created, wrote and will appear in a series of videos aimed at encouraging self-expression and embracing individual perceptions of beauty. (See her hilarious first clip below!)

Her experience in front of and behind the lens aside, the quest for self-acceptance is a journey Jones can personally relate to. The 41-year-old daughter of actress Peggy Lipton and music mogul Quincy Jones recalls that growing up “there wasn’t a ton of representation for biracial people” such as herself. 

“I remember seeing Vanessa Williams win the Miss America pageant and thinking, ‘Oh that looks like me.’ But until then — and not many times after [while] growing up did I necessarily feel beautiful because I wasn’t like the standard beauty that everyone was looking to.”

Courtesy Almay

And Jones admits there was a time when her self-confidence took a huge hit. “I had this idea that if I looked like somebody else or if I acted like somebody else or if I had somebody else’s career or face or hair that my life would somehow be better.”

But over time she realized that her ability to crack a joke has helped her hold her own, and it continues to be a source of strength.

“Humor is such a huge part of my life. I have to have a sense of humor about the way that I look mainly because there’s a lot of pressure in Hollywood. It’s part of my coping mechanism. It brings me joy. I don’t feel beautiful unless I feel a little funny.”

These days Jones also knows that beauty isn’t about what she sees on the big or small screen. Instead, she says, “the only way that I can make my life better is to be myself and be okay with that.”

It’s a message she hopes to convey in the campaign, a part of the Almay’s massive relaunch, which includes an expansion of shade ranges and greater diversity among those representing the brand.

Courtesy Almay

“I’m sort of making fun of myself in a way and hopefully inviting other people to feel like they can be real with how they approach their beauty and the way they look.”

Jones has no problem poking fun at herself if it helps her achieve her goal: “I hope that everyone can find beauty in themselves —  and not in trying to look like someone else.”

Are you excited for Jones’s new role with Almay?

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