"I haven't had any complaints," says Morgan of her updated bits

By Alex Apatoff
March 30, 2016 04:26 PM

Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan didn’t survive eight tumultuous seasons of Real Housewives of New York by keeping quiet. In the trailer for the show’s eighth season, which airs next Thursday on Bravo, Ramona Singer is accused of breast enhancement (true), and Sonja Morgan undergoes a highly personal, and apparently quite painful, procedure below the belt on camera. Luckily, you don’t have to wait a week to find out the true story: Singer and Morgan are more than happy to spill all.

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“I actually had my breasts done two years ago,” Singer tells People at a premiere party, sponsored by her wine line, at N.Y.C.’s Beautique. “Basically, I’m still the same size. I was always a 34C, and I’m still a 34C. Because I’m over 50, you lose some volume on top. So basically, I just got a little more volume on top, so now I don’t need to wear padded push-up bras.”

And, yes, Singer’s pleased with the outcome. “I love it, I feel good,” she says. “I said to [plastic surgeon] Dr. Sharon Giese, ‘I don’t have time to get a whole new wardrobe,’ so I put on my padded Victoria’s Secret bra, and I said, ‘This is how I look with my brassiere on, and I want to look just as good without it.’ I’m working out the same as always, but I think I’ve never looked better, because I feel free.”

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Her BFF Sonja Morgan also is indulging in some rejuvenating cosmetic procedures, as you may have guessed from that “Ouch!” in the trailer. “I go to Smooth Synergy [Medical Spa] all the time for my hair laser removal,” she explains. “And I was having my vajayjay looked at — they do this tightening and lubricating process.”

Morgan, too, has nothing but glowing reviews of the results. “I’ve never had any complaints,” she says. “It’s always been very good, and I guess it’s still very good. You know, I’m so focused on my business now, and I really haven’t taken it out for a stroll. Right now, I’m just dating, there are no serious guys right now, and no more younger guys. I just came out with my swimwear … so I’m really busy.”

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She also has praise for pal Singer’s tweaks. “I think it was only a year ago that she admitted she had them done … But they’re definitely rounder and fuller, higher,” she says. “She’s getting more attention, period. Her hair is longer, her boobs are bigger, her ass is higher. I think she stretched herself on the rack.”

Have other Housewives opened up about any tweaking? “No, not that they’ll admit,” revealed Morgan. “I’m an open book. I always tell people what I’m having done. I’m actually thinking that I should have a little something done around my neck, some tightening.”

We will eagerly anticipate that plotline in season 9.

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–Jeffrey Slonim