October 18, 2017 04:55 PM

It’s no secret RaeLynn loves to shine. The country star — whose debut album was No. 1 on Billboard‘s country charts last June — describes glitter as one of her “favorite things” on her website, the sparkly stuff is essential to her playful, colorful look.

So it’s fitting that the star, who skyrocketed to fame after being coached by Blake Shelton on The Voice, will now be the face of a dazzling makeup line for her longtime favorite brand: Too Faced. The new collection is sparkly, colorful and unicorn-themed.

Katie Kauss

“My favorite thing about their makeup is the fact that they mix glitter in with it,” RaeLynn tells PEOPLE at Too Faced‘s Festival Collection preview in New York on Tuesday. “I’ve been one of the biggest fans of Too Faced since I was a little girl.”

The proof? When RaeLynn was only 13 or 14 she asked her mother for her first Too Faced product: a makeup palette inspired by Marie Antoinette.

She ended up buying it with her own money.

“I was like, ‘Mom I want this palette,’ and she goes: ‘Honey I ain’t paying $65 for a palette, you’re gonna have to buy that one yourself,'” says RaeLynn of her mother. “So then I saved up my money and I bought it.” (It’s a fact that the brand’s founder Jerrod Blandino teased her mom about at a photoshoot for the new collection.)

Katie Kauss

RaeLynn and Blandino are “kind of the same person,” she says, adding that the two discussed their “unicorn names” — RaeLynn’s is Rainbow Snowy Hooves — and shared their love for the mythical creature. Unicorns are not only the inspiration for the TooFaced palette RaeLynn is repping, but they are a common occurrence in RaeLynn’s house.

“I’ve always said that I was a unicorn — my fans call themselves Raenicorns. It’s a big deal!” says RaeLynn. “The amount of unicorn things that I have in my house is out of control. My husband is like, ‘We’ve gotta narrow this down to only four unicorn things.'”

Too Faced’s Festival Collection was inspired by their top-selling Unicorn Tears La Crème Lipstick. The new line launches this winter. Will you check it out?

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