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We love Rachel Bilson’s effortlessly chic style, so we were hanging on every word when the petite star recently told PEOPLE about her favorite fashion finds. The key to her style? Rachel tells PEOPLE that “Accessories can make or break an outfit. You can have a white t-shirt and jeans on and a really cool, chunky necklace and it makes it that much cooler.” And she depends on something not-so trendy for that perfect touch. “My grandmother’s necklace that is my go-to accessory. It’s a beautiful gold charm necklace.” Rachel knows the perils of finding something to fit right, which is why she depends on shoes from Lanvin. “They make size five and I’m finding that more and more designers aren’t making size fives anymore and it’s really frustrating.” When the former O.C. girl finds something she likes, she sticks with it. Though she likes up-and-coming denim lines like Kova & T and Corpus Rachel lives in her vintage Levi’s. “I have a few pairs that I’ve had for years and years and I still always wear them. They’re classic.” Forget fancy beauty products, Rachel’s got an old-school fave. “I’m a big fan of Lip Smackers– Dr. Pepper is my favorite. It gives a really good color and it tastes really good, too.” Now that’s what we like to hear. Get your tube of lip smacker’s Dr. Pepper at