Martha Stewart, Lisa Rinna, Catherine Zeta-Jones and more of QVC and HSN female designers share their business advice and inspiring words for International Women's Day

By Colleen Kratofil
March 08, 2018 05:50 PM
Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty; Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty; Craig Barritt/Getty

Today is International Women’s Day and the fashion world is celebrating in the chicest ways. Brands have created specially-designed merchandise to support the holiday, celebs (including Emma Watson) are showing their support through the coolest clothing and over at QVC the network is offering a curated selection of clothing and accessories to support a very important cause.

The network curated a selection of items from women-led brands that will support artisans that are part of Nest, a nonprofit dedicated to alleviating poverty and working towards the well-being of women who work in factories. QVC and HSN have committed to donating a minimum of $325,000 to benefit Nest, plus whatever they raise beyond that from a portion of the proceeds from the selected items.

And because QVC and HSN have so many inspiring female entrepreneurs on staff, including Martha Stewart, Lisa Rinna, Catherine Zeta-Jones and more, we asked them what it takes to get things done. And what they provided was some powerful insight, encouraging words and very empowering stories, below.

Martha Stewart, Designer of Martha Stewart QVC Collection

Martha Stewart x QVC LaunchCredit: Sam Deitch/
Credit: Sam Deitch/

“Never before have so many people had so much knowledge and so much time to use it. Stick with it. Don’t give up. Defend your ideas, but be flexible. Success seldom comes in exactly the form you imagine it will.”

Catherine Zeta Jones, Designer of the Casa Zeta-Jones Collection

Marili Forastieri Photography catherine zeta jones collection for qvc
Credit: QVC

“I love the quote, ‘If you love what you do, it’s never work.’ Identify what you love to do, pull together your plan and then work toward your goal every day. No matter how small the effort, do something daily to get you one step closer to making it happen.”

Lisa Rinna, Designer of Lisa Rinna Collection

Credit: Source: QVC/Instagram

“Making the transition from my boutique, Belle Gray, to QVC has been such an amazing journey because my dream has always been to dress women of all sizes. The boutique held me to a certain demographic of women, where asQVC has allowed me to bring my comfy cozy California chic line of clothing to every incredible woman and that is a beautiful thing. My mother always told me to believe in myself, to keep moving forward and to never give up. Those wise and strong words from my mom, Lois, have been the inspiration to lead me to where I am today.”

Jill Martin, Creative Director of G.I.L.I. Collection

“I have learned never to take ‘no’ for an answer. I pitched QVC six different times with six different ideas (over a 10 year period) and I was turned down…it was not until the seventh time that I got my shot. To me, ‘no’ is a jumping off point to getting a YES!”

Jamie Kern Lima, Co-founder and CEO of It Cosmetics

“Never let hearing ‘no’ to your dream equate to self-doubt in your own head. In my journey of growing IT Cosmetics, every beauty retailer told me no for years. Today, IT is a top brand in all of them. For me, it’s been all about keeping my faith bigger than my fear!”

Joy Mangano, Inventor and Designer of Joy Mangano for the Home

“Today, more than ever, it’s important to always believe in yourself. I know firsthand that achieving your dreams and finding your own voice can be difficult and scary; I’ve been in that position before, so it hits home for me. If you are smart and brave, and believe you can do it, you will find your own success. It’s so important for women to have confidence. There are so many opportunities out there to do great things and the first step is to believe in yourself, your capabilities, and your passions.”

Alina Villasante, Founder and Designer of Peace Love World

“Peace Love World was born out of my mission to inspire people not only to seek love, but to give love. I want to empower women by inspiring them to love themselves through my message. I truly believe that behind every great man, is a great woman. Women, when they believe in themselves, have the power to do anything in this world. A woman should always be confident, comfortable and elegant wherever she goes. Elegance is an attitude.”