Turns out the sexy chef also moonlights as an underwear model -- see his first American campaign photos

By Brittany Talarico
April 12, 2018 11:42 AM
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If you’re like the rest of America, you’ve already been swept off your feet by the Fab Five on Netflix’s Queer Eye. And now you’re about to fall even more in love with the show’s resident culinary guru, Antoni Porowski, who just traded in his band tees for some boxer briefs as part of Hanes‘ new social media campaign, #VouchforthePouch.

The brand teamed up with Porowski, Nev Schulman and football star Victor Cruz, for the launch of its new Comfort Flex Fit boxer briefs, which the newbie reality star, 34, expertly models in photos shot by his boyfriend Joey Krietemeyer

Unfortunately, we weren’t on set to see his Blue Steel in person. But we did catch up with Porowski to find out the important answers, like does he cook in his skivvies and if he hangs out with his doppelgänger John Mayer. Check it out below.

What was your reaction when Hanes asked you to team up for the #VouchforthePouch campaign?
Baby’s first endorsement! Could you possibly ask for a more iconic American brand? I think it’s really amazing, and I’m very proud and excited to be working with them. When they first approached I thought it was going to be for the classic white brief which everyone loves, but then they showed me the Comfort Flex Fit boxer briefs, which are an updated modernized version, and I love them.

Were you always a boxers brief guy?
I wasn’t. My father is Polish and at 68 he still wears a Speedo to the beach, and he wears regular briefs — so did his father. That was my upbringing. Teaming with Hanes, I feel a little more American in a good way. My problem with boxer briefs is sometimes they are a little too short and they ride up your leg. But these are actually extra long and they have a bit of a stretch which actually maintains which is important for somebody like me — I do a lot of workout classes during the day from pilates to yoga to Tonehouse. They are perfect for underneath gym shorts because when the shorts ride up my leg is still somewhat modest and not totally inappropriate. They are also super lightweight and dry easily.”

Do you cook in your underwear?
I don’t cook around heat in my underwear. It’s dangerous, and I have burned myself in the past, but until noon I am allowed to walk around in my underwear. So for coffee and smoothie time with my boyfriend, I definitely like to wear the Hanes briefs. And actually they are a lot easier to sit, I have this old ’60s Italian armchair and when I used to sit in my regular underwear it was more challenging — when you have the boxer briefs there is a bit more stretch. They are just a little more appropriate and less offensive if a last-minute person happens to come by or Joe’s parents come over for breakfast — actually you know what I would put shorts on when they come over I take that back.

Credit: Joey Krietemeyer

Which Queer Eye makeover star can you see wearing these underwear?
I think Neal definitely. I had the strongest personal connection with him. We went boxing together so just thinking from a physical standpoint he would really benefit from them. They are really made for everybody though. They would also work perfectly on a Cory or even a Tom Jackson. They are no fuss.

You got a lot of attention for your graphic tee collection on Queer Eye: How did you become the “T-Shirt” guy?
I know the Netflix stylists had very clear ideas of what they wanted the other guys to look like, and for me the vision was, “You are New York, you are simple!’ I like casual and easy. So we just sort of went with that and I took the platform. I was like let’s promote some bands that I like, books that I like and you know showcase those because we have this amazing platform like Netflix to show it on.

Have the Strokes reached out yet?
Oh gosh, not yet! But I did get Albert Hammond Jr.’s new record, which I’m super excited about. Redbull sent over his record and the record player that I’m going to listen to which I’m really pumped for.

What’s your overall approach to styling a tee?
I usually like loud T-shirts and band shirts, so I just try to keep it as simple as possible with jeans and white kicks that are worn in and like a simple jacket. I’m not very loud. I tend to keep it simple. When you have a t-shirt you don’t need much else!

Speaking of music, have you met your dopplegänger John Mayer?
No, I haven’t met john Mayer yet, maybe our paths will cross I love his music.

You see the resemblance though, right?
That’s what I’m told. I think its just because we have dark circles under our eyes which we were both born with and its something we have to work on ourselves. But who knows maybe we will meet!