Stephen Lovekin/Getty

How do you send a massive ripple through 1000 jaded fashionistas on the last day of Fashion Week? Send Posh down the runway! Before the Project Runway finale show began, Heidi Klum walked Victoria Beckham, in an electric orange draped dress, down the runway along with Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. And as the show began, the Spice Girl was introduced to the enthusiastic crowd as the guest judge for the show’s finale, following in the footsteps of previous judges Debra Messing and Parker Posey. Giving away nothing to the crowd, all five contestants left on this week’s show sent collections down the runway with no word on who the three finalists actually are! Heidi took to the runway at the end of the show, exclaiming “This is the best finale yet!” — and we’re bound to agree. Watch the two part finale beginning Feb. 27 on Bravo.