'Project Runway' Designer Gets Snippy with Mentor Christian Siriano in Tense Chat

"I don't do young people's clothes. Young people can't afford expensive things, so why design for them?" Sergio Guadarrama argued

One of the designers on the new season of Project Runway doesn’t appear to be too open to the feedback coming from mentor Christian Siriano.

PEOPLE has an exclusive sneak preview of this week’s installment of the award-winning reality competition series, in which designer Sergio Guadarrama pushes back at Siriano’s advice to improve his garment before judging.

Guadarrama — who famously designed Billy Porter’s 2019 Tony Awards ensemble — had made a short-sleeve, animal-print gown with an A-line hemline and long train — a pretty dress, but seemingly not at all in line with the “street style” challenge.

“I think she looks super lady,” Siriano says.

Problem is, Guadarrama isn’t at all interested in changing his dress.

“I don’t do young people’s clothes. Young people can’t afford expensive things, so why design for them?” he tells Siriano. “I am an evening-wear designer for that 45-60 year told woman. They’re my market and I’m not changing that.”

Christian Siriano on Project Runway
Sergio Guadarrama
Sergio Guadarrama. Bravo

Siriano politely tells Guadarrama, “that’s not true” — stressing that a young woman’s income doesn’t mean “they shouldn’t have something new and exciting.”

“What is your suggestion?” Guadarrama claps back.

“Although it might be fabulous, I think it needs to be, like, that next step of that woman who literally wears haute couture on the street to the grocery store,” Siriano says.

“I think I got it,” says Guadarrama.

He may feel confident, but Guadarrama’s fellow competitors don’t seem to agree.

“Sergio’s look is a gown,” says Delvin McCray. “What street does a woman wants her dress dragging? I don’t think it’s a top look.”

Project Runway airs Thursday (9:30 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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