The actress, 38 — a dedicated fan of the wellness brand, The Well — chats with PEOPLE about her life in quarantine

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is prioritizing her physical and mental health while spending more time at home during the coronavirus pandemic. And for the multi-hyphenate star that means getting serious about her diet and fitness routine.

"I never worked out as consistently as I have during quarantine," Chopra Jonas tells PEOPLE in this week's issue. "I also pay attention to my diet. I was very used to eating dinner right before I went to bed, but I changed that completely. I try not to eat after 8 o’clock. I start my day with some exercise, and I make sure I’m drinking lots of water."

The actress also has a secret weapon in her arsenal: The Well’s new line of immunity-boosting products which she swears by for keeping her feeling her best.

"I’m a huge fan of The Well’s Superpowder — I put it in a shake or mix into my yogurt," Chopra Jonas, an early adopter of the brand's healthy living ethos, says.

The Well
Credit: The Well

The new lineup from The Well offer a range of six powerful immune-strengthening products that feature key vitamins, superfoods, herbs and minerals to "help build a healthy immune response over time as well as support gut health, skin health and more."

Chopra Jonas' favorites, the Superpowder and Immune Tincture, are great options for anyone who doesn't want to swallow capsules.

The actress credits her husband, pop star Nick Jonas, as the person who got her more involved in her healthy living routine.

"Nick is very particular about what he consumes and what he doesn't, especially because of his [type 1] diabetes," she says.  "That's something I don't interfere with, but he's the one who gets me into wellness actually. He's a big fan of The Well too."

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas

The 38-year-old star also admits that she didn't start getting serious about her health until she entered her thirties.

"For me, I have to say, during my twenties, I wasn't someone who was very concerned about my health and wellness. I was chugging coffees all day and eating whenever I had time and sleeping whenever I had time," she shares. "And I used to always be told when you're in your thirties, it will be different, and my thirties hit and it was. And I think I got aware about the fact that I want to take care of myself and of my well-being."

She also started to get more involved in exercise in her thirties.

"I've never been like a gym freak, but I started feeling like I want to get serious about taking care of myself. And that's when I came across the team at The Well, and I heard about what they were doing," she tells PEOPLE. "And I just think that it's such a unique model that they have with providing Eastern and Western medicine customized to you."

Chopra Jonas says beyond nutrition and fitness, it's important to prioritize self care above all.

"If you have the ability to look out for your well-being, you also have the ability to look out for your family and friend's well-being," she says. "If you are inherently happy inside and you're investing in yourself and taking care of your own self, that's truly what wellness means. And I feel like The Well really gives you an opportunity in a holistic way to invest in yourself."

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Chopra says one wellness tip that she learned from her mom, and which is also championed by The Well's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Frank Lipman, is the importance of drinking water early in the day.

"Dr. Lipman always says that drinking water as soon as you wake up is a really good thing. It does wonders for your skin honestly, it's hydrating, your skin just glows because the simplest way of getting rid of the toxicity in your body is having a lot of water."

Dr. Lipman's new book, The New Rules of Aging Well: A Simple Program for Immune Resilience, Strength, and Vitality, explores the topic of immune health.

The Well
Credit: The Well

"The immune system is like a muscle — you need to train it to optimize its function, so when you really need to use it, it can cope with whatever it has to deal with," Dr. Lipman shares. "It’s so important in times like this. You don’t want your immune system to over-function so it creates a cytokine storm, as we’ve seen in some sick patients, and you don’t want it to underperform either. Having a well-oiled, optimized, functioning immune system is key to your health."