Launching at Target on Feb. 1, the star's under-$6 line has packaging made of recycled trash from oceans and landfills
priyanka chopras new haircare brand Anomaly
Credit: Anomaly

After spending nearly 20 years in the glam chair, Priyanka Chopra Jonas realized how much waste the beauty industry created.

"After having used almost every product of every line, I did find that the fashion and beauty industry needs to take responsibility," Chopra Jonas, 38, tells PEOPLE. "Especially the fact that our generation is the one that's going to be responsible for where the earth is right now. Sustainability is very important to me."

So when the actress and humanitarian came up with the idea to develop her own hair care brand, Anomaly (which launches on Feb. 1 at Target and, starting off with an eco-friendly foundation was her main mission. But at the same time, accessible pricing was a big priority too.

"As a 15-year-old, when I used to go to Walmart or Target to buy shampoos, my hair was down to my waist, crazy and had a mind of its own," Chopra Jonas says. "All the good stuff, I couldn't afford. It was just so expensive."

priyanka chopras new haircare brand, Anomaly

The star channeled her entrepreneurial spirit to find the best way to create high-performance, clean formulas that would be housed in sustainable packaging at prices all under $6 (each product in the line costs $5.99).

"We made our packaging with 100% recycled trash from oceans and landfills, and it's still recyclable. The walls [on the bottle] are much thinner than anything else you'll see on the aisle. That helps us spending a lot less on the packaging, which is what most [companies] spend a lot on," she explains. "Our cap of the bottle, for example, is just three cents. Because we spend so little on the packaging, we have a lot more money to be able to play with the formula. When you use it, you're like, no way this is $5.99."

Chopra Jonas admits she's "not a professional hairdresser" and "gets overwhelmed by having to use multiple things," so wanted Anomaly to feature a thoughtful, curated collection of must-haves. "I think it's about having really superior things that cater to your specific needs," she says. "That's all you need in everyday life."

She's launching with eight core products — Clarifying Shampoo, Gentle Shampoo, Hydrating Shampoo, Shine Conditioner, Smoothing Conditioner, Volume Conditioner, Deep Conditioning Treatment Masque and Dry Shampoo — so customers can mix-and-match to find what they love.

priyanka chopras new haircare brand Anomaly
Credit: Anomaly

Pinpointing the perfect gender-neutral scent for the line was also key. "It was so important to me that this feels unisex. It's fresh and clean. It doesn't point towards the stereotypes of gender at all. It's just brilliant," Chopra Jonas says.

Anomaly's so good, Chopra Jonas' family has already become obsessed. "My husband [Nick Jonas] tried it. I don't have enough to give to my family yet," she says. "My mom was like, 'Why don't I have it?' I said, 'Just take it from my bathroom!' Because she's here quarantining with me at the moment. But I don't even have enough myself!"

Anomaly launches on Feb. 1 at Target and