Princess Diaries Turns 15! The Best Beauty Lessons We Learned from Mia Thermopolis

A good blowout goes a long way

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Princess Diaries, the film we watched at every childhood slumber party (and the one that put very high expectations on our 16th birthdays) is turning 15 today. (We know, shut up!) In case you haven’t seen the film (really?!), here’s a recap: Awkward teen Mia Thermopolis (played by Anne Hathaway) discovers she’s the heir to the Kingdom of Genovia and that her grandmother, Queen Clarisse, (Julie Andrews) is going to guide her into becoming a princess by the time she turns 16.

During Mia’s transformation process, the film hits upon some unforgettable style and beauty truths. So we’re celebrating its 15th anniversary with a roundup of the most memorable glam lessons that still hold true.

Sitting through a haircut is painful — especially when stylists retaliate on your unruly mane by breaking your glasses. “You broke my brush.

But in the end though, a good blowout can work in strange and mysterious ways.


Cucumbers do nothing during a spa session.

There’s never an easy way to put on tights.

As Queen Clarisse taught us, “manners matter…” but it comes at a cost.

The foot pop-and-kiss can be a disaster with the wrong pair of shoes.


Sometimes you forget to take off your nose strip…

And when you do it isn’t pretty.

Fancy Genovian balls take a lot of effort, so don’t be afraid to show up as yourself.



What’s your favorite scene in the movie?

— Colleen Kratofil

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