The burgundy and white tie-dye jumpsuit retails for $45 on Pretty Little Thing's site, now
Wine stain jumpsuit
Credit: PrettyLittleThing

Last week, Eleanor Walton turned her white Pretty Little Thing wine-stained jumpsuit into a trendy printed outfit with the help of more red wine. Twitter users were quick to hype her new DIY outfit, and actually asked the brand to create a replica. Spoiler: Pretty Little Thing listened!

The brand turned Walton’s genius hack into a $45 jumpsuit in less than a week.

Now available on Pretty Little Thing’s site, the scuba jumpsuit features the same high neck and kick-flare silhouette as Walton’s original piece, but with a burgundy and white tie-dye print and a matching tie waist belt.

And as an homage to Walton, the brand included the viral side-by-side picture of the original piece and the wine-stained jumpsuit on the product page.

Both the brand and Walton’s friend Mia Williamson, who posted the original photo of Walton to her Twitter, broke the exciting news on Sunday.

“Wine not? 👀@MiaWiliamson_ @eleanorwaltonn thank you for the inspo,” Pretty Little Thing captioned a tweet with the link to the new arrival.

Williamson shared the picture of the new jumpsuit on her Twitter with the caption, “CANNOT BELIEVE we made this baby,” and Walton reposted her friend and wrote, “AS IF !! if i see anyone out wearing this am buying u a drink.”

Walton told The Cut that “life has been pretty crazy” since the brand replied to her Tweet last week and that they had reached out asking if they could replicate the wine-stained jumpsuit using her photos shortly after. She also mentioned her plans to visit Pretty Little Thing’s headquarters in Manchester with Williamson.

Walton is unsure if she will receive compensation from the jumpsuit, according to The Cut, but she can now add fashion designer to her resumé.