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In the opening episode of Pretty Little Liars’s new seventh season, you see Hanna running through the woods in a white ribbed tank top and black underwear — not the most fashionable look for the most fashionable Liar (though, she is kidnapped at the time, so there’s that). But her look will return to its trendy ways soon enough, as the show’s costume designer Cameron Dale and star Ashley Benson, who plays Hanna, told us when PeopleStyle visited the set a few weeks ago.

“There’s never really been one time that I’ve left a fitting or that I filmed a scene and I haven’t loved the outfit,” Benson tells us. “I think the one thing I do love is that I get to portray what I would love to look like outside of the show, on the show. So I’m in these outfits for like 12 to 16 hours a day. I’m like, I always look so cute and so put together on set. I would like to incorporate that into my real life.”

And now you can — Dale and Benson gave PeopleStyle Hanna’s three top style rules (watch the video above). The overall goal: Fun. “Hanna’s been in New York working in fashion so that’s really dictated where her character has gone wardrobe-wise,” says Dale. “We can have fun. We play around a lot.”

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“Yeah, it’s fun,” says Benson. “She has more of a grown-up style, I want to say. But we get to play with a lot of designers and super cool dresses and skirts and amazing high heels, which I’m so bad at walking in.”

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So what are Dale and Hale’s go-to style rules for creating Hanna’s look?

Hanna does not shy away from statement pieces, and this season, we’ll see even more bright hues in her accessories. “We’ve been doing a lot of cooler, long statement pieces,” says Dale. One piece Hanna will wear is a colorful beaded tassel necklace by Bluma Project (available at PeopleShop). “I love this cause it’s so different, but the colors are super striking and fun,” says Benson. “It can turn [up] any outfit if you’re wearing a black, white T-shirt or this dress.”

There isn’t a jacket Hanna doesn’t love — moto, biker, bomber and beyond — which works to Benson’s benefit, because she’s a huge fan of ’em, too. “It’s fun ’cause, like me personally, I love leather jackets,” says the star. “I have so many. And every time I go into fitting I’m like, I need this jacket! I need this jacket! They’re so dope.”

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Finally, finish with a crossbody bag. “They’re so much easier than having to carry a purse,” says Dale, who notes that Hanna will wear the Street Level fringe crossbody this season (available at PeopleShop).

See more Pretty Little Liars style in PeopleShop and on the show, which airs on Tuesdays at 8pm ET/PT on Freeform, the new name for ABC Family.

Tell us: Do you like Hanna’s look?

— Sharon Clott Kanter

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