Pieterse talks about her character Alison's style, which is inspired by the famous Hollywood blonde

By Sharon Kanter
Updated August 08, 2016 02:23 PM

Alison DiLaurentis (played by Sasha Pieterse) may be having a rough go of it this season on Pretty Little Liars in terms of fashion. Now that she’s checked herself into an insane asylum, she doesn’t exactly get to express herself through her style. When she does get to shine and exercise her teacher vibes, she’s got costume designer Cameron Dale by her side to give her the signature feminine vibe she’s perfected.

So when we stopped by the Los Angeles set of PLL recently, we had to ask Dale and Pieterse how to get the professional Alison look for our “My Style Rules” video series (watch it above!).

Adam Taylor/ABC

“We have explored some looks this year,” Dale tells PeopleStyle. “Since we know Allison is a teacher we have done just a cute elevated look on what you would find a high school teacher wearing.”

In fact, creator I. Marlene King told Dale to look to Reese Witherspoon for inspiration. “Marlene told me that was the direction,” says Dale, “like a hometown kind of girl. I thought it was cute.”

Therefore, a few key elements to her look include feminine silhouettes like high-waisted A-line skirts, statement jewelry and a crossbody bag. “The crossbodies are always nice because they are hands-free and trendy,” says Dale. Plus, adds Pieterse, “I was on the run you know so, it’s easy to run [with.] It stays put.”

Watch the video above for more.