'Pretty Little Liars' Star Ashley Benson Shows Off Her Favorite Sunglasses, Talks Summer Style and More

Get the intel on Ashley's new eyewear collection!

Although Pretty Little Liars will be wrapping up in just a matter of weeks, star Ashley Benson is moving on to another project that her fashion-obsessed character Hanna Marin would certainly be proud of. On June 1, she’ll be launching her very own line with Privé Eyewear, a company that’s promising designer-quality sunglasses at an affordable price point — each pair is just $29.95. Since we’re gearing up for summer, a fresh pair of sunnies is definitely on our minds, so Ashley stopped by to tell us all about the launch and the styles you need to pick up this season. Of course, while she was here, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to grill her about some other hot topics like her beauty routine and fashion essentials. Watch the full Facebook Live video above, and catch some of the highlights below.

-She prefers a laid-back look in the summer. “I have so many pairs of high-waisted Levi jeans, shorter cropped tank tops, and little white t-shirts…I’m definitely more casual. If I do go girlie, I’ll throw on a short little floral dress.”

-Earlier this year, Ashley dyed her locks a bold shade of pink, so we had to know if she’d ever experiment again with bright hues. “Not anytime soon, but if I’m bored one day [it might happen]. I would maybe do a violet, I think that would be really pretty. I love trying new things.”

-When you’re working on a TV show, it’s not a rarity to have a full face of makeup caked on for hours on end, so Ashley revealed that when she’s off the clock, it’s all about going natural. “If I’m going to do any coverup at all, it’s a foundation-based tinted moisturizer. I’ll do that and an eyebrow gel and that’s really it. I try to stay pretty clean with my skin because when all that makeup is on for so long I get breakouts,” she explained. “At night, I’ll put a ton of coconut oil on my face—it makes me feel super moisturized and refreshed in the morning.”

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-As we’ve heard from many stars, coconut oil is a savior for almost anything. In addition to skincare, Ashley uses it as a rejuvenating hair mask. “It may make your hair look greasy, but all you have to do is put it back in a bun and it just looks like you got of the shower, only it never dries. When you do wash it out, you have to shampoo it at least two times, but after, you’ll find your hair is so soft and healthy.”

-One of the saddest parts about PLL ending is the fact that we now have a void of on-set #ButtahBenzo Snapchats and Instas to look at. (ICYMI, that’s Shay Mitchell and Ashley’s ship name.) But luckily, we don’t have to cut the duo out of our lives cold turkey. The star revealed they’ll be traveling together this summer. “We always take a trip every year together. We both want to go somewhere in Europe, we’re just figuring out what place exactly. We travel really well together and we like to do the same things so it’s just fun to have a girls trip.”

Will you be checking out Ashley’s Privé eyewear collection?

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