The model reveals what it means to him to appear in a Pepsi Super Bowl ad with mom Cindy Crawford

Presley Gerber has made a name for himself in the modeling world following his runway debut in 2016, and now the 18-year-old will become a part of pop culture history as one of the many famous faces featured in Pepsi’s 2018 Super Bowl LII commercial.

Gerber appears in the 30-second spot with none other than his supermodel mom, Cindy Crawford, whose iconic debut Pepsi commercial hit airways in 1992 — seven years before Gerber was born. While Crawford’s son (and daughter Kaia!) had a cameo as a toddler (see his adorable debut, below!) in a Pepsi commercial years later, Gerber is thrilled for the opportunity to work alongside his mom again.


“I am really excited to be in [Pepsi’s] commercial with my mom, especially since her commercial from back in the day is so iconic. I feel like now I get to hop in there with her, which is really cool,” Gerber told PeopleStyle at the beverage brand’s Pepsi Generations Live Pop-Up Museum in Minneapolis, where the Super Bowl will be held.

The best part about the duo’s collaboration? Commuting to work together, says Gerber. “We literally drove from our house to work together, then drove home together. But we’re a really tight family, so it was just like going to work with one of your friends. It was so fun, and easy.”

And while Gerber is stoked to be in Minneapolis to celebrate being the newest member of the Pepsi family, he reveals the Crawford-Gerber household has a pretty awesome Super Bowl tradition of its own.

Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

“[Our Super Bowl Sunday] usually has to do with some spicy chicken wings, a barbecue and the game near the beach at our house in Malibu. That’s usually what we do,” he says.

Not only is the “This Is Pepsi” commercial bringing the mother and son together on-screen, the ad also features the brand’s throwback moments with legends Jeff Gordon, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and more.

As Gerber looks around a room chock-full of exhibits paying homage to these milestones, the model says he feels honored to be a part of Pepsi history. “It’s pretty insane! I am really excited.”

The ad, which will air during Sunday’s epic face-off between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots, kicks off the brand’s year-long Pepsi Generations campaign, which will include Live Pop-Up Exhibits around the U.S.

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