Courtesy Prabal Gurung
November 15, 2016 08:09 AM

This summer, long before we all got sucked into the endless media spiral of election season, Pokémon Go was the only thing any of us could talk about. And people weren’t just sharing where the closest Poké stop was and what rare ones just materialized in Central Park, it even got a number of people to start taking walks and losing weight, and even inspired a whole dating website exclusively for players of the game. And now these Japanese critters have instigated a whole new venture, a very pricey capsule collection by Prabal Gurung in collaboration with Pokémon.

The designer announced his new capsule collection on Tuesday, available exclusively at Jeffrey’s New York beginning today. The line will include nine-pieces in total, including a printed t-shirt, pink trousers, two white textured pencil skirts, two 4-ply crepe tunic dresses, two pom-pom laden cropped sweaters, and one drape back bomber jacket.

The pieces are all inspired by five of the game’s most iconic characters, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander

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In a statement about his new collection in a press release the designer said, “The Prabal Gurung customer is always a strong, passionate, global and modern woman. With this collection, we engage a younger clientele who still embraces our elevated sense of style.”

He continued, “Working with the Pokémon brand provided a fun and whimsical opportunity to be able to have a conversation with this youthful customer.”

Karen Eggleston, senior manager of Licensing at The Pokémon Company International concurs, adding, “Prabal Gurung expertly captured the joy of the Pokémon brand and its iconography in his designs for this fun and sophisticated collection. We’re thrilled to team up with him for this collaboration during our 20-year celebration as Pokémon builds its fashion program and the ways in which its millions of fans can express their love for the brand.”

Courtesy Prabal Gurung

But one question remains: who exactly is this younger clientele with an undying love for Poké and the expendable income of a septuagenarian Upper East Side doyenne? Because while this collection may totally nail the millennial zeitgeist it comes with a hefty price tag that’s enough to empty out most young professionals’ bank accounts. The cheapest piece is the Jigglypuff t-shirt coming in at $325, while the rest of the items hover between $895 for a pair of silk trousers ranging all the way up to $1,795 for a Charzard inspired tunic dress.

So while at this point we’d usually say you gotta catch ’em all, considering at these prices that would undoubtedly mean also plunging yourself into bankruptcy, maybe just stick to the free iPhone app for now.

What do you think of this new Prabal x Pokémon line? Will you be buying anything? Sound off below!

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