March 11, 2008 02:49 PM


Victoria Beckham may wear her jeans as skinny as possible, but she’s got a double standard for the guys in her life. “I think guys should wear jeans big and baggy, with a big pair of boots or flip-flops — exactly how you see David when he’s out in his jeans and T-shirt,” she tells DNR. “Do not pull them up tight and have your bulge showing. Let it hang!” So she’s adding men’s styles to her already successful denim line dVb, but as stylish as she and husband David Beckham are, she insists this is a line for real men. “If you are a man that likes really skinny jeans, very fashiony, this isn’t really the line for you. I didn’t want anything too tight around the crotch. That really repulses me.” Expect to see bootcut styles with faded washes, with prices ranging from $220 to $285, that all were roadtested on her fashionable husband. “When I get the prototypes, I try them on him. He says they are the best-fitting jeans he’s ever had,” explains Beckham. And in case you think that Victoria isn’t doing her fair share of work, she defends herself to DNR. “I’m a complete control freak and I want everything to be perfect. I’m not doing a Britney Spears and just putting my name on something and saying, ‘Sell this perfume.’ This is a real passion of mine. People think all I do is go shopping like a miserable cow, but, in actual fact, I work bloody hard.”

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