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They’re back, pitches — and for their senior year, the Barden Bellas are better than ever, especially hair-wise. PEOPLE got Pitch Perfect 2‘s head hairstylist, Cheryl Marks, on the phone to talk braids, buns and controlling 10 girls’ hair in 110° weather.

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First things first: You might notice that there are plenty of plaits throughout the film, which served two purposes. One was to unite the characters and make them look contemporary and cute. The second was to combat the relentless New Orleans summer humidity. “Everybody asks, ‘What’s the hardest part of this movie?’,” Marks says. “This was shot in the summer in Louisiana; we had humidity to deal with. Braiding is an amazing way to keep your hair contained. Plus, braids right now have become the height of fashion and we definitely wanted to stay very contemporary in the movie.”

And thanks to the hard work of Marks’s hair team (more like an army), you hardly see the Bellas sweat. “I used about every anti-humidity product out there. When a girl sweats, everything goes [haywire],” Marks says .”My hero product would be dry shampoo because it absorbs oil. We contained the hair with braids and extensions — we used a lot of curling irons to go in and touch them up during performances. We were out there a lot doing a lot of touch ups.”

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There are plenty of hair moments worth discussing in the film, from Gail’s (Elizabeth Banks) nutty updos (“I got away with so much stuff with Gail She’d be like ‘Wow, Gail’s getting a little crazy in this movie,'” Marks shared) to Fat Amy’s (Rebel Wilson’s) more relaxed looks in the second film (“She has a boy crush in this [film] — so we really let her hair down a lot, instead of her traditional ponytail.”) But perhaps the most memorable are the sleek, intense styles worn by the Bellas’ German rivals, Das Sound Machine.

“We wanted Komissaar (Birgitte Hjort Sørensen) to be like a Viking, and I think we accomplished that,” Marks said. “We wanted such a contrast between the Bellas and them. We came up with a concept of doing sleek and shiny and making shapes with their hair — buns, mini pompadours, a lot of product. We kept them really strong looking with their makeup and hair. We wanted them to be such a contrast to the Bellas’ soft and wavy look. Because there were so many girls, nothing was guesswork. Everyone had inspiration boards in every single trailer.”

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And while the editors’ personal favorite hair moments involved the Green Bay Packers (just trust us on this one), Marks’s was a little more sentimental. “Walking into the trailer every morning with 10 Bellas in hair and makeup, it was constantly like being part of a sorority,” she says. “It was so crazy working with that many girls every single day. This movie is really about the girls, their journey into the next phase of their lives. [So] we had three trailers going on constantly, keeping track of everybody. I look back and it was almost like being on a journey. When I watch the movie now, I think, ‘Oh yeah, that night was 110° and buggy.’ But the best part is collaborating with a female director who knows her stuff really well. Working with Elizabeth was just incredible.”

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Are you seeing Pitch Perfect 2 this weekend? Which hair moment is your favorite? Share your thoughts below.

–Alex Apatoff

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