What do you think of the star's sassy outfit?

By Alex Apatoff
August 12, 2014 11:11 PM

Mark your calendars, royal-watchers: This may be the first time a royals-adjacent person has been spotted in jean shorts. (In public, anyway — we don’t know what Prince Charles wears in his free time.) And they’ve been seen on the most famous butt of the past five years, owned by Pippa Middleton, sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, making this a very high-profile (and very delightful) denim debut.


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Middleton, 30, was spotted out in London with boyfriend Nico Jackson wearing a pair of jean cutoffs, a white polo and white tennies while running errands (and we mean literally running — the girl is fit). While we were surprised to see her without her normal full face of makeup (she and her sister love eyeliner and blush for public outings), we were even more surprised to see someone with royal connections sporting a pair of jorts. Don’t get us wrong, they were well-fitting, classy, fashion-y jorts, but jorts that would be appropriate for a BBQ at the Lake of the Ozarks nonetheless.

Obviously Middleton isn’t held to the same sartorial standards as her big sis (who is rumored to be reaching for longer hemlines by order of the Queen), but we did get a giggle imagining Pippa showing up to George’s next birthday party at Buckingham Palace in a pair of ripped denim cutoffs and other festival attire. Maybe she can introduce her sister to the wonders of floral crowns next?

Are you surprised to see someone royals-adjacent in jean shorts? Do you like her style?

–Alex Apatoff