The star shares a hilarious shot from her 'Singled Out' days -- plus her beauty secrets -- with us

Courtesy Jenny McCarthy

It’s been 15 years since Singled Out went off the air, but Jenny McCarthy doesn’t look a day older than when this photo was shot on set. And to celebrate that fact (and our favorite holiday, Throwback Thursday), she’s sharing the pic — and her beauty secrets — with us.

“This was the first time I met Carmen Electra, and I’ve been friends with her ass ever since,” McCarthy jokes about the shot, which shows her in some sweet bedazzled flares, a style of jeans she’s hoping will make a comeback.

“I loved bell bottoms!” she says. “I’m sick and tired of skinny jeans.” There are ’90s trends McCarthy wishes she had never visited in the first place, however: “Perms. And starting extensions in the first place.”

So what’s the secret to her unchanging appearance? She credits one bargain item (“Eye Dews. They soften my crow’s feet and save me from having to Botox frequently.”) and one splurge (“I cannot live without my Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X. It’s way more convenient and cost efficient than receiving in-office treatments!”).

And since she’s still looking like a Singled Out contestant, we had to ask: What’s your celebrity dream date?

The answer: “My dream celeb date would be having Josh Groban watch me go-go dance.” Get on that, Groban!

–Alex Apatoff