Alanis Morissette preaches "Self Love" with her swimsuit

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When we hit the beach, we’re thinking about proper SPF and whether we missed a spot while shaving our legs.

When Alanis Morissette hits the beach, she makes a statement with her swimsuit.

From the front, her striped triangle top and black bikini bottom is a cute, comfortable style for playing in the Hawaiian surf with her toddler son.

From the back, however, her bikini bottoms proclaim the star’s “Self Love” in crystal-studded cursive.

Judging from the star’s big smile and confident stance, she is practicing what she’s preaching, though we don’t know if we can endorse any kind of sparkly derrière messaging — regardless of how much we support the message itself.

Tell us: What do you think of Morissette’s “Self Love” swimsuit?

–Alex Apatoff