April 18, 2008 05:00 PM

Evan Agostini/AP

His Clandestine Industries line has a collection that recently hit Nordstrom, and Pete Wentz says one major inspiration is his new — and pregnant! — fiancee, Ashlee Simpson.”She is a good sounding board for me,” Wentz told PEOPLE on Thursday. “She’s really supportive and always positive but sometimes she’ll get me to rethink [things]. Like I’ll be like, ‘We should do a half-plaid, half-pastel hoodie!’ And she’ll be like, ‘I like it, but maybe you should do it as two separate hoodies.’ She’s good like that.” As for Ashlee’s new line at Wet Seal, Pete admits, “I haven’t really seen it [yet].” When asked what life is like not only as a fashion designer and musician, but also as a husband and father to be, Wentz sums up his feelings very simply: “I’m happy!”

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