April 15, 2008 04:15 PM


Seems like Pete Wentz has something other than his engagement to Ashlee Simpson to celebrate. The Fall Out Boy has signed an exclusive deal with Nordstrom to launch a junior sportswear line that will include graphic T-shirts, hoodies, denim jeans and accessories from his Clandestine Industries label. Pete tells E! news to expect “interesting cuts and designs that are a little bit out of the box.” Though Wentz has always thought music and design should go together, the rocker got his start by accident making clothes in his parents’ basement! The bassist is known for his super skinny jeans — he actually prefers DKNY women’s jeans! — so it’s no surprise that Pete’s newest line is completely unisex! The singer, who admits to sharing clothes with Ashlee, says unisex clothing is “liberating,” not to mention “it cuts down on your budget wearing your girlfriend’s clothes.” Ashlee even road tested and reviewed some of Pete’s latest designs. His line is being carried in 600 Nordstrom locationsclick here to check it out! Tell us: Will you buy Pete’s new line?

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