By StyleWatch
February 22, 2010 04:58 PM

Jesse Grant/WireImage

Pete Wentz may have his own successful clothing line, Clandestine Industries, but he lets his fashionable wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz take the lead in their couple style. “If I go out with her, I consider myself a walking purse,” he tells “So I just try to match her outfit. But she’ll tell me when I look too stupid.” And in the same way his wife accepted his own former use of heavy guyliner, the rocker says that he, too, would support his son Bronx if he were to ever follow suit. “Whatever he does, I’ll support him,” he says. “I’m sure he’ll be into math or football or something I don’t know anything about and I’ll have to learn a lot about it.” And what new trend is the rocker now following? “The Jersey Shore kids,” he admits. “The show’s so organic, like, the first time humans have made contact with this species, and it’s amazing.” So could this mean that the rocker may be trading in his signature emo look for some DJ Pauly D hair spray? Very possibly. “When he [Pauly D] went underwater, and his hair stayed the same exact way, that was mind-blowing!” he exclaims. “And I love GTL [Gym, Tan, Laundry] — I almost want to start the practice.” Now, that’s something we’d have to see to believe. For more from Wentz, go to —David Yi