Pete Davidson Explains Why Getting His Tattoos Removed Is Not Only Painful, But 'Embarrassing'

The comedian said his budding film career prompted him to start the tattoo removal process

The King of Staten Island
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Pete Davidson is getting serious about his film career.

During an appearance on Tuesday's episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, the Saturday Night Live comedian, 27, said his passion for acting promoted him to start the painful process of removing some of his tattoos.

"I didn't think that they would put me in stuff," the always candid star admitted when Meyers asked about his budding film career. "I thought after SNL it was a wrap."

"I honestly never thought that I would get an opportunity to act and I love it a lot," Davidson (whose first major movie, The King of Staten Island, premiered last year) continued. "It takes like three hours — you have to get there like three hours earlier — to cover all your tattoos. For some reason, people in movies, they don't have them that much."

Davidson told Meyers that "burning off" tattoos is worse than getting them. "Not only are they like burning off your skin, you're wearing these big goggles so you can't see anything," he said. "The doctor's in there with you. So before he goes to laser each tattoo, you have to hear him announce what the tattoo is to make sure if you want to keep it or not."

"So I'll just be sitting there all high off the Pro-Nox, which I actually quite enjoy," he joked. "It's actually pretty fun. And then, all of a sudden, I'll just hear, 'Are you keeping the Stewie Griffin smoking a blunt?'"

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To which Meyers jokingly replied that knowing you'll have to have a tattoo "audibly described to you by a medical professional" if you ever want to get it removed is a good thing to remember when deciding which design to get.

"Yeah, it's really embarrassing," Davidson said with a laugh.

For his next acting role, the comedian will play punk rock legend Joey Ramone in the Netflix and STXfilms biographical film I Slept With Joey Ramone, based on the musician's brother Mickey Leigh's memoir of the same name.

The film was originally announced in 2017, and Nick Cassavetes was set to direct. However, Jason Orley, who worked with Pete Davidson on Big Time Adolescence and Pete Davidson: Alive from New York, will now direct the biopic.

The previous collaborators adapted Leigh's memoir into a treatment for the film, and Davidson is credited as an executive producer alongside Leigh, Rory Rosegarten and David Spiegelman. The film will be made with the cooperation and support of the Estate of Joey Ramone.

Davidson will also play the DC villain Blackguard in the Suicide Squad sequel, which is set to release later this year.

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