Peloton Is Launching Its Own Apparel Brand with Lots of Instructor (and Member!) Feedback in Mind

Peloton is debuting its first private label collection, with over 80 styles, worldwide today

Peloton launching apparel brand; Credit: Courtesy Peloton
Photo: Courtesy Peloton

Peloton's known for cultivating a community of supportive, dedicated fitness enthusiasts. So it's no surprise that when it came time for the at-home workout company to dive into the athletic apparel world, culling ideas from Peloton instructors and members themselves was top priority.

"We've been listening to what our members and instructors want," Peloton's Vice President of Apparel, Jill Foley, tells PEOPLE.

"On the Peloton Facebook page, members are constantly writing comments, criticisms and feedback," Foley explains. "The instructors will tell me, 'Jill, this felt funny, this rolls over when I lean over or this is not giving me enough coverage.' We slowly fine-tuned each style and scoured the Earth to find the best fabrics that fit our members' needs."

Diehard Peloton fanatics will know that the company has offered co-branded apparel with labels like Lululemon, Spiritual Gangster, WITH and Beyond Yoga (among others). For the past three years, Foley's team began integrating Peloton-produced clothing into the mix. Now, after perfecting each piece and adding even more to the lineup, the company's first in-house clothing brand, Peloton Apparel, is here.

Peloton launching apparel brand; Credit: Courtesy Peloton
Peloton coach Jess Sims in Peloton Apparel. Courtesy Peloton

"Our members were getting frustrated with the different sizing, because a Spiritual Gangster size small could fit differently than a Beyond Yoga size small," Foley explains. "We want to give them exactly what they're looking for. Based on our knowledge over the past eight years Peloton's been in business, we know precisely what they want."

So what exactly do Peloton members want? It's not much different than what the brand's coaches ask for. "[Instructor] Ally Love came to us and said, 'Guys, I can't wear these bras. I feel too exposed on camera.' So we started making sure we always had a couple of high neck bras," Foley says. "[Ally] used to be a fit model back in the day, so her feedback is so valuable."

Peloton apparel

The team also leans on Bike, Tread and Strength coach Matt Wilpers. "He gives us great tips on bike shorts and the best socks," Foley adds.

The initial Peloton Apparel drop includes women's, men's and unisex pieces ranging from $15 to $118 in sizes XS to 3X. The brand is also introducing four core fabrics that have been tried and tested — Cadent (a sculpting, cotton-like feel), Move Mission (a slick, high-performance material), Lite Lines (an ultra-stretchy cooling fabric) and Essential (super-soft with light compression). Each season customers will find the same sweat-wicking materials and flattering styles offered in a variety of on-trend colors and patterns.

"For me, the most important thing when it comes to workout clothes is fit and fabric," says Peloton Tread, Strength and Bike Bootcamp instructor Jess Sims.

Peloton launching apparel brand; Credit: Courtesy Peloton
Peloton coach Jess Sims in Peloton Apparel. Courtesy Peloton

She tells PEOPLE: "I personally love the Peloton Move Mission Fabric. This is what you need to wear for your toughest and sweatiest workouts. It's so smooth and incredibly supportive. And it can get me through my Saturday 60 [Bootcamp], which says a lot!"

Sims also says the 7-inch Move Mission Bike Short is the "perfect length" for workouts since she hates when they ride up or roll down. "I also gave a lot of feedback on sports bras," she adds. "I'm obsessed with the one-shoulder Show Up Side-to-Side Bra and the Cadent Speed Up Bra. They have a great combination of style and function."

Peloton launching apparel brand; Credit: Courtesy Peloton
Peloton coach Jenn Sherman in Peloton Apparel. Courtesy Peloton

Cody Rigsby, one of Peloton's most beloved instructors, proudly describes himself as an "opinionated homosexual" (take one of his classes and you will understand!). So of course, he had plenty of feelings when it came to the development of Peloton Apparel. But in fact, he studied consumer apparel and retail studies in college, so Rigsby truly knows the ins and outs of the fashion business.

Peloton launching apparel brand; Credit: Courtesy Peloton
Peloton coach Cody Rigsby in Peloton Apparel. Courtesy Peloton

"Workout clothes need to be functional and support my toughest workouts, but I also need to feel cute, ya know?" he tells PEOPLE. "One thing I specifically asked for was more lifestyle options to wear outside of the studio. And this collection is infused with more men's and gender-neutral lifestyle pieces which I'm really excited about."

Rigsby loves a matching moment (he's most excited for the Striving Short Sleeve Tee and coordinating Speed 7-inch Lined Velocity Short) but says Peloton's commitment to inclusivity is what impresses him the most about the collection. "Our community is very diverse, in every sense of the word. Inclusivity is so important to me personally and the larger Peloton brand. It's really exciting to see that the team is committed to outfitting as many body types and individual personalities as they can," he says.

And this is only the beginning. Foley says the Peloton Apparel team constantly test drives new fabrics, cuts and styles, so members can expect regular new innovations.

Peloton launching apparel brand; Credit: Courtesy Peloton
Peloton coach Alex Toussaint in Peloton Apparel. Courtesy Peloton

"We recently had one of our instructors say, 'You know what? We need to make a bra that works for us bustier ladies. Can I do that with you?'" Foley says. "We are meeting with her in a couple of weeks to get working on it. We're going to be infusing new styles and fabrics as we go and see what members like."

Foley adds: "We're bringing in a ton of other niche products they've been asking for and styles like bras for bigger chests. It's taking a little longer to perfect them, but those will be introduced in the coming months."

Overall, the Peloton team can't wait to see how Peloton Apparel deepens the bonds between the Peloton community.

Peloton launching apparel brand; Credit: Courtesy Peloton
Peloton coach Kendall Toole in Peloton Apparel. Courtesy Peloton

"As instructors, we have such special connections with our members and I think it's so cool that Peloton Apparel adds another layer to that connection," Sims says.

She adds: "I love when people tag me on social media after taking one of my classes because we were twinning in the same Peloton look. It's just such a cool thing! I know I'll see that happening more and more with the launch of Peloton Apparel."

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