Paulina Porizkova Applauds Sarah Jessica Parker for Embracing Gray Hair: 'She Looks Amazing'

The supermodel thanked the actress on Instagram for not making her "feel like a freak" for aging

Paulina Porizkova; SJP
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Paulina Porizkova is praising Sarah Jessica Parker for helping her feel confident about aging.

The supermodel, 56, shared a barefaced selfie of herself on Instagram alongside a paparazzi photo snapped of Parker, 56, out in New York City with her natural graying hair showing.

Porizkova said: "I've been seeing photos of Sarah Jessica Parker in the media, and every time I think 'oh thank you thank you!' Someone who is my age who looks like me. I see my lines and droops and silver roots mirrored, and I love it. Representation!"

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The model went on to thank the actress for making her "feel like I'm not a freak for aging." She added: "Because fashionable, beautiful, stylish her - is doing it too. And she looks amazing."

"Once again, this is not to in any way slight those who chose different options," Porizkova continued. "You should do exactly what makes you feel best about yourself. That little whiff of confidence a tweak may give you can translate into a ton of opportunity. Carpe diem!"

She concluded her post by writing, "My point is only that aging women have been nearly erased from the media, leaving those of us who want to, or try or would at least try to embrace it - without much representation."

Andie MacDowell, who notably showed off her gray hair at the Cannes Film Festival this year, commented on Porizkova's post. "Both gorgeous more beautiful because of time just like men and fine wine," she said.

Porizkova previously reflected on the pressure women face to look perfect as they age in a candid Instagram post.

"Combat age. Reverse aging. Rejuvenate. Anti age. None of this is possible. Yet, if you do an internet search on aging, this is what you'll get. Pills, potions and workouts to fight the aging process. You know what the only way to stop aging? Dying," she wrote earlier this year.

Paulina Porizkova
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"But I do want to make the best of what I was given. And I want to shine a bright light in the dark corners of the shame that is heaped on women for daring to age," Porizkova continued. "I can't change the world alone, but if you feel like I do, there are these some amazing women here on IG that I get inspired by everyday. There are many many more, and inspirations for all different reasons, but for now I'm just picking those who are accepting their aging and making it beautiful."

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