What do you think of her first ads for the line?

By Alex Apatoff
March 03, 2015 06:27 PM

The gorgeous Paula Patton always brings it majorly on the red carpet, so we figured it was just a matter of time before she got tapped by a brand to front an ad campaign. And we were right, but as it turns out, she’s not posing for something super-glam or over-the-top sexy. Instead, she’s been snapped for Ellen Tracy in a series of pretty, wearable and classic pieces, and we’re loving this look for her. And she’s loving it too, for many reasons.

Courtesy Ellen Tracy

“Women wear many hats, and it’s a challenging journey we have through life,” the actress tells PEOPLE of the concept behind her ads, which portray “a very busy day” in her life (with a little “artistic license”). “But it’s one that we thrive on and hopefully always succeed.”

Part of that multi-hyphenate role means ever-changing style, as Patton can attest. “My mind changes all the time,” about style, she says. “Sometimes I like things if they’re splashy and full of color and sort of a risk. I guess I dress based on my mood and what feels best on my body.”

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And sometimes, she says, those risks haven’t paid off. “I wouldn’t even want to look back at my old pictures, I have no idea what was going on!” she laughs. “But at the time you know you think you’re doing the right thing. You don’t ever want to leave the house and not like what you’re wearing so I guess whenever you do do it, you think it works. And then you look back and you might think differently!”

Ellen Tracy makes it easier for her, though, which is one of the reasons she was happy to collaborate with the brand. “What I really love about the clothing: It’s classic clothing that fits a woman very well. It’s affordably priced,” she says. “But you can embellish it however you choose to do it or not. If you want to go really classic and simple with it you can. If you want to add anything to make it a bit quirky or edgier it has that capability. That’s what appeals to me.”

Courtesy Ellen Tracy

What definitely appealed to her? The clothes she wore in the ads — a couple pieces of which made their way home with her. One favorite [seen above]? “A pencil skirt dress with a really lovely little kind of ruffle around the waist. I love the way it fit. And I just love the color.” But the best part about it? “With that ruffle around the waist it gives you a little room to eat lunch.”

Another appealing thing about her collaboration with the brand: They worked with her and Yahoo! to shoot a new documentary,
Women Hyphenated
, which will premiere on March 5th after the designer’s spring collection kickoff party in N.Y.C. “It went beyond just the material of the clothes, but also about reaching out to women of all backgrounds,” she says, “and letting us tell one another we’re not alone in this journey.”

Are you loving the ads? See anything you’re dying to take home?

–Jennifer Heyde