Patrick Starrr Launches Beauty Brand Inspired by His Famous Catchphrase 'Makeup Is a One Size Fits All'

"We're bold, we're fierce, and we're stopping you in your tracks," the beauty guru says of his new brand, ONE/SIZE

Patrick Starrr makeup

To his 4.6 million subscribers, YouTuber Patrick Starrr is much more than just a trusted source for makeup tutorials and product recommendations.

The beauty guru has inspired millions over the years — and emerged as a champion of diversity in the beauty industry — by opening up about his experiences as a gay, plus-size, Filipino-American man who loves wearing makeup.

One memory that Starrr (real name: Patrick Simondac) often shares with fans and followers happened in 2012, when he was asked by a manager to remove his makeup while working at a cosmetics counter in his hometown of Orlando, Florida.

Despite being understandably upset and embarrassed at the time, Starrr went on to use the situation as motivation to erase stereotypes surrounding men in makeup.

Patrick Starrr makeup

And now, that defining moment is part of the inspiration behind Starrr's biggest project to date: his own beauty brand! ONE/SIZE — named after Starrr’s signature catchphrase: “makeup is a one size fits all” — launches July 17 on and, and in Sephora stores across North America and Canada on July 30.

The brand features his signature classy meets camp aesthetic. It is debuting with a two-product collection of makeup removers entitled "Go Off" — a subtle nod to the people who asked him to take off his full-glam “once upon a time,” Starrr told PEOPLE over Zoom. "ONE/SIZE has been part of my DNA for a long time."

The Go Off super-sized makeup wipes ($15) are heavily saturated for one-swipe removal and infused with soothing ingredients like aloe and chamomile to replenish skin of its natural oils. While the Go Off lightweight makeup dissolving mist ($24) transforms into a milky foam when rinsed off with water for instant, mess-free makeup removal.

Patrick Starrr makeup
Buy It! ONE/SIZE Juiciest Makeup Dissolving Mist, $24; ONE/SIZE
Patrick Starrr makeup
Buy It! ONE/SIZE GO OFF Juiciest Makeup Remover Wipes, $15; ONE/SIZE

The mega-influencer and his team know that debuting a brand with makeup removers is unconventional. But as one of social media's first "beauty boys," Starrr is used to fighting for a seat at the table — now that he's sitting at the head of it, the YouTuber is determined to call the shots.

“People were like, 'Why not [launch with] color or complexion? Why not skincare?' I said, 'You know what, I'm going to sit my a** in the middle of this table and tell y'all about it'," Starrr joked, adding, "because of my story and because of my experience in this industry as a beauty creator, makeup removers were the way to go."

Patrick Starrr makeup

When developing the Go Off Collection, Starrr also applied what he learned from glamming up celebrities like Kim Kardashian West, Katy Perry and Paris Hilton (who all emphasize the importance of thorough makeup removal and skincare) on his YouTube channel.

"It's crazy because when I really get into their skin, they really don't have a speck of makeup on their face and they're still so beautiful," he said. "They know what's up! And that inspired me."

Starrr — who joked "I have a metaphor for everything" — also infused his brand into the bold ONE/SIZE packaging. Both the makeup wipes and the facial mist are "big, thick and juicy" just like the beauty guru himself.

"It's fun and it's exciting to remove your makeup" with the Go Off Collection, Starrr said. "I wanted to create an immersive experience."

And as for the bright red theme, Starrr said it was totally intentional: "Red means love; red means passion. We're bold, we're fierce, and we're stopping you in your tracks."

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Ultimately, he hopes the brand will make a splash in Sephora's across North America, infiltrating the beauty conglomerate's classic black and white logo with a little bit of red and everything ONE/SIZE stands for.

"I've been able to break the glass ceiling and I challenge my team to do the same. Let's not abide by the norms. Let's reach outside of what we know and let's accept our unknowingness, our unknowing, and drive that to want to know more about culture, about community, about inclusivity," he said. " I expect no less from Sephora and no less from ONE/SIZE. And they are executing amazingly."

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