Patrick and Jillian Dempsey Answer Our Burning Beauty Questions in Honor of Her Latest Makeup Launch

Patrick and Jillian Dempsey chatted exclusively with PEOPLE about their getting ready routines and more!

World renowned makeup artist Jillian Dempsey has added another product to her beauty line — and naturally, husband Patrick Dempsey is its no. 1 fan!

For the launch, the couple share their beauty routines and reveal which of the two takes longer to get red-carpet ready. (The response was unanimous!)

In February, Jillian launched her first base product, Spot Stick Concealer, infused with Vitamin E and Sunflower Seed Oil to nourish the skin. Available in 13 shades, the cruelty-free and vegan cover-up is full coverage and has a matte finish. Spot Stick Concealer is also fragrance free, and formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals and GMOs. It retails for $32 on

Patrick Dempsey
Sylve Colless

For the Grey's Anatomy alum, his wife's latest creation is the ultimate problem-solver.

"I do not like to wear makeup even when I am on set. This creates a lot of wear and tear on your skin," Patrick tells PEOPLE. "I try to avoid spending a lot of time sitting in front of the mirror so the Spot Sticks are perfect for me."

The TV star continues, "If I am doing a photoshoot or hopping on a Zoom, they are a fast way to cover up little imperfections like a pimples, redness, blemishes or my under eyes blended with a moisturizer [because] it is a dry formula and the moisturizer helps the product look smooth and undetectable."

The dryness is intentional, explains Jillian. "The formula is meant to adhere to the skin, so it is on the dry side, yet only requires a minimal amount of blending."

Jillian Dempsey

One of Hollywood's most sought-after makeup pros, Jillian was inspired to create the product after she could not find "a matte, non-iridescent formula in a convenient stick form to cover blemishes – something fast and on-the-go."

The process from concept to completion is a labor of love for her. "I begin with an idea, which is typically inspired by something I visualize in the beauty space that is different from what is already out there. Then, I start mood boarding with copious notes and shade swatches for texture, formula, and payoff. Next, I determine what is the best packaging for the product. I send this to my lab(s), and from there we work together to achieve the finished product. "

She adds, "I think about every detail so that I can stand behind my product line with confidence. I have worked in Hollywood for the majority of my career, with successful people who have access to the best of the best. I rely on my products to use while I work to deliver gorgeous faces with confidence."

Jillian Dempsey

Of course, her family plays in a role in task as well. "I will always try everything on my family members, and I absolutely welcome any and all feedback. I incorporate this if I think it plays a role in what I have set out to create," says Jillian, who is mom to daughter Talula and twin sons Sullivan and Darby.

Jillian shares the best feedback that Patrick has given her is "make it easy to use."

The result here, Jillian says, "is a unisex product, and like the rest of my brand in the category of 'clean' beauty, it is packaged in a highly functional design with a small, flat circumference made to mimic the size of an average pimple."

The beauty guru has had a huge impact on Patrick's routine, he says. "I was never aware of what to use until she gave me products. I was able to see the benefits of what these products and techniques offer. The older I get, I see the impact of what a proper routine has to offer and what works. It is easy for me to do, since I like to get out the door fast but look presentable."

"Never" having "to shop for products" is just one perk of living with the creator. Another: "haircuts are pretty easy to access!" Patrick says.

Jillian Dempsey

So, just what are Jillian and Patrick's routines?

Says Jillian, "I am a very fussy beauty person and like to get out the door fast! For my typical routine, I always use my Eye Masks and Gold Bar (while I drink a coffee to multi-task). I will also moisturize my face. I also use my Spot Stick in shade 05 to cover over blemishes, and apply a little under my eyes."

"I follow that with my Cheek Tint in Sunny which I blend out over my cheeks for a healthy glow. I also mix Rich Brown Khol Eyeliner with my Lid Tint in Taupe and Ruby, using my mini-fan brush which gives the perfect glow for my eyes. I follow that with a coat of mascara and lip balm, then I twist the Roadie hair pomade on the tips of my hair and any flyaways for some bend and texture."

Jillian Dempsey

And for Patrick, simplicity is key. "Whatever will get me out the door in the most efficient manner," he says.

"I will use a little moisturizer, I like what Jill gives me — it varies. I definitely use my wife's Eye Masks and her Gold Bar multiple times during the week for my overall general maintenance. If I have an important meeting, I also use the Spot Stick (in shade 08 if I am tan) to cover spots on my face, razor burn on my face and neck, and a bit under the eyes."

"I also use either the Roomie or Roadie Pomade every day. [Those] hair pomades are key for my hair. It is the old fashioned kind where you warm it up on your hands first. And I go see my facialist to maintain and keep my skin clean and hydrated."

Of course, we couldn't resist asking the couple, who light up any red carpet they step on, who takes longer to get ready. The answer? Jillian

"Haha, I do of course!" she responded. While Patrick replied, "Oh, she does."

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