See the star's jaw-dropping spread that looks eerily similar to a certain reality TV star's!

By Sarah Kinonen
Updated December 02, 2015 11:13 PM

Move over, Kim Kardashian West(‘s butt). Paris Hilton is on her own quest to “break the Internet,” and she may get her wish.

Vijat Mohindra

The heiress, fragrance mogul and globe-trotting DJ covers Paper magazine’s “Fandemonium” issue, and in its accompanying spread Hilton bares her behind in a move that give us flashbacks to another to former cover star, Kardashian.

Vijat Mohindra

For the full editorial, Hilton ditches her pink, sparkly persona for a darker vibe, donning full fur ensembles, fishnet-inspired tops and a completely backless jumpsuit, all while sporting a heavy black lip. If you didn’t catch the last part, we said: Paris Hilton is wearing a completely. Backless. Jumpsuit. (And yes, you can see all of her assets.)

Vijat Mohindra

Along with her dramatic (and ultra-revealing) ensembles, the star also answered a slew of questions surrounding her Internet behavior to fit in with the theme of the mag’s issue. And believe it or not, just based on the interview alone, we learned a lot about the star, including her AOL Instant Messenger screen name (ParisBarbie, because obviously), her favorite social media platform (Instagram) and her favorite show to binge-watch on Netflix (Family Guy).

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And if you were wondering if Hilton is really the woman behind her Insta-snaps, Tweets and Pins, the star wants to set the record straight.

“Yes, definitely. I think it’s important to talk to my fans myself,” she said. “I do have a team member to help me post things I want, but I mostly Snapchat, tweet and post on Instagram myself. I love how social media means I can connect with my fans more personally and show them my life and hear their stories.”

Vijat Mohindra

But the best takeaway from Hilton’s Q&A, is, hands down, her response to the weirdest thing she’s ever purchased online. It’s a pig. (Yes.)

“I bought a ‘teacup pig,’ ” she told the mag. “They said she would be no more than 15 pounds and she ended up being over 100.”

What do you think do you think of Hilton’s Paper mag images? Are you a fan?

–Sarah Kinonen