The star opens up about her massive purse collection and her latest fragrance, Rosé Rush

Paris Hilton Attends 'Foam & Diamonds' Opening Sessions In Ibiza
Credit: Andres Iglesias Rodriguez/Getty

Beach days in Ibiza aren’t the only thing that Paris Hilton is finding hot right now. In addition to her summer DJ gig and romance with her boyfriend, Chris Zylka, the star is excited about her 23rd fragrance, Rosé Rush. We caught up with Hilton in between sets to learn everything about the new scent, and exactly how she packs for her three-month-long summer vacation.

“It makes me feel so proud,” Hilton tells PeopleStyle of launching her latest fragrance. “I always wanted to have one perfume when I was little, I told that to my mom. Now I have 23 — it’s crazy.”

ROSê RUSH Paris Hilton 100mL Bottle Shot

Hilton, who has been creating fragrances for the past 12 years, shares that after creating Gold Rush, she knew she had to create a spinoff.

“We had such a huge success with Gold rush and people really loved it so I wanted to do something that was the next rush,” she says of coming up with Rosé Rush concept. “It’s just really romantic and feminine and beautiful. I just wanted that feeling when you feel in love and confident and happy. And I tried to capture that with the fragrance.”

But namesake fragrances aren’t the only thing she has a ton of. Hilton says she has “too many” handbags and shoes, thanks to her own line, as well as the designer pieces that she buys each season.

“I not only have all designer bags that I’ve bought from other designers, but also my own. I have probably like 5,000 bags. I have so many shoes as well cause I have a shoe line, so every season they’re sending me 200 shoes and I’m going and buying a bunch of shoes,” she says. “When I go home, I need to give a bunch to charity.”

Hilton also shares that in addition to her endless bag and shoe collections, her closet houses an assortment of designer dresses that she’s hoping to pass down when she has children.

“Any dresses that I’ve got that are couture, like some Versace gowns and other couture pieces, I’d like to keep those for one day for my daughters,” Hilton shares. “My mom kept some of her really nice pieces for me and my sister. I think it’s nice to keep for when I have daughters one day. Some really special pieces that are timeless.”

And yes, she does still take style inspiration from Kim Kardashian and her sisters. “I love their style, I think all of them have their own style but they’re all so sexy and stylish all the time,” she says of the KarJenner family. “The one thing I love is when they wear those Balmain dresses and they look so perfect on their bodies and I love when they rock those dresses.”

So with a collection like hers, it’s no surprise that she has a hard time packing for her summer away from home.

“I’m an over packer — I pack way too much,” Hilton laughs. “Every summer I’m here for a few months so I bring over 30 suitcases. I usually end up not even wearing most of the things and buying new things. I just pack everything I own.”

Also in one of those 30 suitcases: her full beauty product arsenal. “I have an entire suitcase just full of beauty products. Just a full on suitcase that has everything in it,” she says, adding that she relies on her upcoming skincare line, along with “face masks, eye moisturizer, serums, stem cells and gold facials” in order to keep her skin looking ageless.

However, if she had to ditch all of her luggage and only bring one piece of clothing on her trip, she’d go for a festival-ready dress.

“There’s a designer named Shahida Parides and she makes these dresses that I always wear to Coachella, so if I could only bring one, I would bring one of those.”

But it’s not just about clothes and beauty for the 36-year-old star. Hilton says she’s having an amazing time deejaying for her fifth summer at Amnesia, “the most legendary club in the world,” and spending time with her boyfriend, Chris Zylka.

“It’s my boyfriend’s first time in Ibiza so I’m just showing him around the island,” she shares. “It’s insane every single weekend, it’s been amazing.”

The highlight of her summer? “My boyfriend came out and surprised me with a ‘Paris’ tattoo,” she gushes. “I was so surprised. He literally just went and got it in the middle of town in Ibiza, and he was so sweet and he told me that I’m his Disney princess and his most magical place on earth. It made me cry, I was so happy and it was so romantic and sweet of him to show me how much he loves me.”

But as much as she loves the gesture, she’s doesn’t plan on reciprocating.

“I’m not really into tattoos, I think he looks great with them, but I’m not a tattoo girl,” she says.

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