10 Surprising Style Revelations from Paris Hilton

The star opens up to PEOPLE about her perfume empire, Etsy shopping habit and what she thought of Kendall Jenner copying her 21st birthday dress

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Paris Hilton has lived her life in the spotlight. She launched a music career, modeled around the world, built a fragrance empire and she’s responsible for one of the most famous catchphrases in reality TV history. But there are still some things about the 36-year-old star you may be surprised to know.

Paris just launched her 21st (!) fragrance, Gold Rush for Men, an extension of her popular Gold Rush perfume.

“All of my male fans have been writing me every single day, millions of messages from people asking for a new men’s cologne because it’s been so many years,” she tells PeopleStyle. “I just thought it was the perfect timing for it, and it’s been a huge success and I’m so happy.”

While chatting to the perfume mogul about her latest scent, we also learned that she’s been modeling for more than half her life, avoids wearing jeans and so. much. more. Below, the highlights.

• She Loves Wearing Cologne

“I consider Gold Rush for Men unisex. I like wearing it as well. Paris Hilton for Men is another cologne, which I wear all the time. It smells great on anybody. Both men and women love it.”

• She’s an Etsy Shopper

“I’ve been finding some cute stuff on this thing called Etsy, which I love. When I go to Coachella or Burning Man, any music festival, they really make some awesome LED pieces and just things you can never find in a store — they’re handmade and really cool.”

• She’s Only Been Starstruck Once

“I never get starstruck because I’ve been in this business for so long, but the one time I was at this awards show in London, and someone was tapping my shoulder and I didn’t turn around because I thought it was just someone asking for an interview, and then the person in front of me goes, ‘Turn around! It’s Madonna!’ Literally my heart dropped — I had a heart attack. I turned around and I was like, ‘Oh my god, sorry, hi!’ She said, ‘I just want to tell you, we’re on the same label, we’re both on Warner Brothers, and I listened to your album Stars Are Blind and it’s fantastic.’ I was really blown away. After she said that, I died, I was so happy because she’s just always been an idol of mine since I was a little girl. That was my fan girl moment!”

• She Had Walking Lessons for Modeling

“I’ve been doing runway shows since I moved to New York. When I was 15, I walked in my first show. I actually had walking lessons. Every time I’m on the runway I think of Naomi Campbell and just how she walks and how confident she is, and that gets me in the mood. She’s the catwalk queen.”

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•She Feels at Home on the Runway

“This past Fashion Week was amazing, just spending time with my sister and going to all of the shows. My highlight this week so far was walking in Christian Cowan’s show, especially the finale outfit I wore. It was this huge silver sequin gown and a big giant crown. It was amazing. It reminded me of the Statue of Liberty or something coming to life. The crown was really heavy, too, but it was worth it.”

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• She Owns 1,000 Wigs

“I have probably 1,000 different wigs in every color and style you could imagine, because I love dressing up or going into disguise. I also love Halloween. I would rather wear a wig than dye my hair and damage it. I’ve seen so many of my girlfriends who are blonde, and then they go pink and black and brown and red, then all of a sudden they have this brittle, fried off hair and it looks awful. I don’t want to damage my hair like that. Plus, I feel like blonde is my trademark and I love it. Blondes have a lot of fun!”

• She Hates Wearing Jeans

“I’m not really a jeans type of girl. I love dresses. I love black leather pants. I’ll wear jeans if I have to, but I’m not that into them.”

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• She Loved that Kendall Jenner Channeled Her 21st Birthday Outfit

“I was sitting with her mom [Kris Jenner] talking at her party and when she walked in she just looked like this sparkling goddess. Right away, I recognized the dress, I was like, ‘Oh my god, I wore something exactly like that for my 21st birthday,’ and Kendall was like, ‘Actually I saw the pictures and I told the designer because I was obsessed with it. So I had him copy it.’ I was very flattered, I thought she looked so beautiful. It’s literally the best 21st birthday dress that anyone could ever have. I love how all these styles that I wore back in the day are coming back right now.”

• Victoria Beckham Is Her Style Icon

“I think she always looks so put together and so stylish and chic. I’ve always loved her style and her clothing line. I think it’s very elegant and high-fashion.”

• She Still has the Dress she wore to the Debutante Ball

“I have the beautiful Versace Couture gown that I wore to my debutante ball when I was 16. I love it and will always keep it.”

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