The soon-to-be bride has a lot to say about her 'very sexy' new line. Plus, all about the replica engagement rings she's having made
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Credit: Courtesy Boohoo

With a wedding on the horizon, a job as a DJ and a new show, Paris Hilton has a lot to be excited about right now. So it’s the perfect time for the socialite to be sharing one of her biggest passions with the world (that would be all things fashion) via a “hot” new clothing collaboration. Hilton is teaming up with Boohoo to launch a new 70-piece collection of swimwear, maxi dresses and everything in between. And everything in the capsule is under $100.

The catch? You’ll have wait until June 20th to score her designs, which are heavily inspired by her early-2000s style. Luckily, we have a sneak peek at some of the clothes and spoke to the star about her favorite pieces, her upcoming wedding, and how she recovered from losing her $2 million engagement ring in a Miami night club just a few months ago.

This is such an exciting collaboration! How did it come together?
I already loved Boohoo before and I had been ordering stuff online from them. Then I got a call from my agent and Boohoo said they wanted to do a Paris Hilton Boohoo line inspired by my early 2000s looks because they thought it would be dope. I designed this [a sweat suit outfit] and put Tinkerbell on it as an ode to her. I just wanted to make a line that was affordable, cute, fun and very me — so basically people could feel like they have part of me and dress like me.

What are your favorite pieces from the collection?
Definitely the ‘That’s Hot’ sweat suit – I miss Tinkerbell and it’s very me – and all the pieces that remind me of the Beverly Hills Hotel with the palms. I also love the little black sequin skirt and the unicorn t-shirt because I love unicorns.

Do you have a favorite date night piece?
My favorite would be the black jumpsuit because it’s really sexy.

And what about your favorite piece to go about your day in?
The yellow and green palm romper. It’s very sexy.

Which piece makes you feel the sexiest?
The snake print dress with the neon yellow. It puffs out and the quality is very nice. It fits very well, and I love it. I’m proud of how it turned out. I love anything animal print, leopard print and palm print.

What do you do to get into the designing state of mind?
Just my life – traveling, taking pictures of outfits I see on the runway, what my friends are wearing, parties and music festivals. When I’m designing, I always either draw or take pictures of certain prints that I like and incorporate them.

We can only imagine what your closet looks like, not to mention this collection is huge! How do you organize your clothes?
I have so many clothes because everyday I’m either shopping or designers are sending me things or I’m designing myself – and I have 19 product lines, as well, so every two months I’m getting boxes sent in of my clothing line, shoes, jewelry, lingerie, dog clothes and basically every kind of product you could think of. I wish my house was more organized, but it’s basically a giant closet with racks everywhere. I love my closet. It has a chandelier in it and it’s really fun to get ready in.

As a soon-to-be bride what do you think of Meghan Markle’s royal wedding dress?
I was in Cannes for the film festival, so I was working, but I was actually watching it as I was getting ready for amfAR. I loved her veil. I thought it was beautiful. She looked very elegant – like a princess – and I love that she was very natural like it looked like she had no makeup on. She’s just a natural beauty and they looked so happy together. It was an amazing moment to see them together.

What do you have in mind for your own wedding day?
Something that’s elegant, chic and one-of-a-kind.

Jeremy Scott is designing your party dress — how different will it be from your reception dress?
I definitely want him to do some of my dresses because I have to have some outfit changes. There are going to be a few. Definitely one wedding gown, but you need the after party dress, the pre-party, the after-after party, then my bachelorette party. Lots of white! I’m deciding what my bridesmaids are gonna wear. I’m not sure if I’m gonna do pink or baby blue.

What precautions have you taken to secure your $2M ring since losing it at a Miami club?
I actually got it resized. We resized my finger and found out it was a full size too big, so that’s how it came off. Now, it’s still a little loose, but it can’t like fly off if I’m dancing. I got that done right before Coachella. I’m trying to get a couple replicas made because sometimes you end up in certain countries where its dangerous and if somebody pulls a gun out and asks me for my ring I don’t want to give this one. I need to get some made soon.

Do you have any thoughts on wedding bands thus far?
This ring is so amazing nothing can compare!

To get your hands on the entire collection, head to on June 20th!