The star impressed with the iconic look on Friday at an annual party in Miami

December 12, 2018 01:01 AM

Paris Hilton is bringing back her iconic look from 2002.

On Friday, the DJ, 37, performed at her Art Basel party at WALL Lounge in Miami, and she busted out a classic.

For the occasion, Hilton opted for a sparkly silver chainmail dress and a thick, diamond-encrusted, matching choker. She also added oversized sunglasses and metallic fingerless gloves as accessories.

The show-stopping look, however, looked just like the outfit Hilton she wore for her 21st birthday celebrations back in 2002.

Her iconic sparkly silver dress from 16 years ago — which had a lower-cut neckline and was far more revealing — was also paired with a thick, matching choker. But in true early 2000’s fashion, Hilton paired the original outfit with silver butterfly clips in her hair.

Paris Hilton in 2002 (left) and 2018
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The iconic look worked for Hilton then, and it seems to be the gift that keeps on giving.

Besides wearing a similar dress on Friday, Hilton sported the chainmail design at another event last year. In August 2017, the heiress shared photos from her trip to Marbella, Spain and showed off the sparkly attire on Twitter.

Other stars have also attempted to recreate the look, as well, with Kendall Jenner wearing a similar dress on her own 21st birthday, referring to it as “vintage Paris Hilton vibes.”

Paris Hilton

Hilton later admitted that she was honored to have inspired Jenner’s birthday outfit.

“I was very flattered, I thought she looked so beautiful,” she told PEOPLE. “It’s literally the best 21st birthday dress that anyone could ever have. I love how all these styles that I wore back in the day are coming back right now.”

Kendall Jenner

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Since splitting with her ex-fiancé Chris Zylka — and her $2 million 20-carat pear-shaped engagement ring — Hilton has been focusing on her work and moving forward.

“What’s next? World domination,” Hilton told Gay Times. “I’m just going to continue working hard, living life to the fullest, releasing new products, music, and DJ-ing around the world. Just being a boss babe and killing it.”

Staying busy has paid off for the star, who is currently traveling the world for DJ gigs and promoting her fragrances (she just launched her 24th scent!).

“It’s definitely a surprise for people when they hear that my product lines are sold all over the world,” she said in an interview with popstar Kim Petra for her December issue cover story. “They’re always asking me why I travel so much and it’s because I love what I do.”

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“I travel throughout the year whether it’s to DJ or my product launches,” Hilton continued. “I love meeting with my fans around the world and getting to spend time with them, and it’s important for me to optimize my time when I’m in these different cities and countries and visit local charities and give back.”

As for whether or not she’s likely to ever return to her reality TV days, Hilton revealed that she was approached to start up The Simple Life again after its 2007 finale — but her hectic schedule couldn’t accommodate it, though it would have been “pretty epic” if it had worked.

“It changed my whole life since it was the first of its kind,” she told Petra. “There really was nothing out there like it in the world. After that show, I got to go all around the world and it really just started my career in this business.”

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