The legendary flaxen-haired socialite just dyed her hair a deep shade of chestnut

Credit: Paris Hilton/Instagram

There are certain things in life that you’ll always take for granted. The sky is blue, the grass is green, gravity keeps us all tethered to a planet that is incontrovertibly round (no matter what Tila Tequila and B.o.B might say), and much like Marilyn Monroe before her, Paris Hilton is the most iconic platinum blonde of our generation. But after today, you might want to start questioning everything you’ve ever known to be true because as it turns out the hair of the foremost heiress in Beverly Hills is no longer a blinding shade of platinum, but rather a deep chestnut hue. So if you just saw a pig fly past your window, at least now you know why.

While most people take the weekend to relax and recharge, Paris took those days off to completely reinvent her public persona, as only a woman who claims to have invented the selfie and trademarked the term “That’s hot” knows how to do. Most dark-haired celebrities tend to go a little bit lighter, if not totally peroxide blonde, as the summer months approach, but this socialite has never been one to follow the trends; she prefers to set them. And on Sunday, the star did it once again, ditching her signature, super long, white blonde hair in favor of a much deeper chocolate color.

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Hilton posted a selfie on June 3 wearing a wide-brim black hat and oversized shades showing off her new hair color as well as one of her number of teeny-tiny dogs, Diamond Baby, who of course already has its own Instagram account and 13K followers. The handbag designer also shared a a series of Snapchat videos of herself on her Instagram, demonstrating what her new hair looks like in motion while using all of her favorite filters, simply whispering, “yas,” into the camera. Yas, indeed, Paris. Yas, indeed.

What do you think of Paris’s new look? Do you think she should stick with brown or go back to blonde? What color would you like to see her try next?