Paris Fashion Week: Anna Wintour Sits Second Row, Kendall Jenner Walks in Chanel's 'Supermarket' and More!

Why was the famed editor taking a backseat? How was Kendall's latest modeling foray? See it all here!

Courtesy Christina Brinkley/Instagram

In case you got distracted by all the Oscars excitement, we’d like to point out that Paris Fashion Week has been continuing full speed (or as fast as it can go in extremely high stilettos on Parisian cobblestones, anyway). And Tuesday marked possibly the most major style moment of all: Vogue editor Anna Wintour — arguably the most powerful woman in fashion — took a second row seat at Valentino. But before you clutch your pearls at that major snub, let blogger BryanBoy explain what went down:

Anna Wintour: badass. Tight seating at Valentino, not enough space on the front row so she let her Editors sit front while she sat second.

— bryanboy (@bryanboy) March 4, 2014

PR folks asked her to move to front and she didn’t budge. Respect.

— bryanboy (@bryanboy) March 4, 2014

Now that that’s cleared up, take a look at our roundup of the other head-turning moments happening at Paris Fashion Week, from the Chanel “supermarket” set (and Kendall Jenner’s latest modeling foray) to Alexander McQueen’s remarkable eyebrows. Then tell us in the comments which shows you’re loving the most!

–Alex Apatoff

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