While Pamela Anderson may be best known for what she isn’t wearing, she’s taking the fashion world head on with her new vegan line of boots called Pammies. The boots are just hitting the market, but Anderson’s passion project is a long time coming.

Pamela Anderson

Vincent Sandoval/FilmMagic

“We’ve been doing this for 15 years and finally we got them together,” Anderson told PEOPLE at Coco Eco Magazine’s Wild At Heart Issue Launch Part at Ron Robinson in Santa Monica, California. Something that drove her ambition to bring her vegan boot collection to fruition was to make up for the fact that she helped make Uggs, boots made out of shearling — a no-no for the animal activist, popular.

“I made them popular unfortunately on Baywatch,” she shared. “They used to call them Pammies all over the world. So now I wanted to make my own Pammies, which are really Pammies and which means compassionate, sexy and these boots are really exciting.”

Why did it take so long to bring Pammies to market? Mainly it was finding the right materials. “We wanted to find really great fabrics and these are made out of recycled electronics,” she explained. “Fifteen years ago they thought I was crazy that I wanted to make boots out of TV screens.”

While footwear made out of TV screens may sound clunky, Pammies aesthetic couldn’t be more opposite — it’s even international. “It’s very Malibu, very West Coast, very Big Sur, Vancouver, Whistler, Aspen, Copenhagen,” she shared of the designs.

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And if you’re lucky enough to be on Anderson’s holiday gift list, you won’t have to wonder what you’ll receive under the tree from the actress this holiday season “They’re all getting Pammies,” she shared. But don’t worry, she isn’t trying to avoid actually paying for gifts. Anderson will be purchasing the boots for her pals just like everyone else. “I pay for them. I bought my own Pammies online. No freebies.”

Are you adding a pair to your holiday wish list? What do you think of her designs? Share in the comments below!

— Abby Stern